The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue - Page 8

PERFORM AT YOUR PEAK BY TYLER HARGROVE How a leadership team introduces change says a lot about their level of respect for employees. Whether the change is good or bad, the way it is communicated can make a lasting impact on employee engagement. Invesco, a global investment management firm headquartered in Atlanta, recently wanted to enhance its approach to conducting employee performance reviews. The traditional scores and analytics approach to measuring performance did not reflect the open, development-oriented culture on which they pride themselves. Instead, they wanted to emphasize the importance of managers holding meaningful performance conversations with employees and using more thoughtful, two-way communication to explore strengths, areas needing improvement and future opportunities. To introduce this new initiative Invesco wanted an engaging and appealing internal brand to help change the perception of performance reviews. Perform at Your Peak became the platform for introducing the change. This messaging, reflective of the mountain peak in the Invesco logo, serves as the unifying front for the Performance Leadership initiative, which includes the new approach to conducting annual performance reviews. It also made a fantastic rallying cry to drive personal growth and inspire employees to continually work for the betterment of the company. With this theme in place, Tribe created an internal brand to accompany the change and bring the initiative to life, as well as to position the change as a positive one for managers and employees alike. This brand represented all Perform at Your Peak communications including an eye-catching introductory mailer to managers, a series of video “commercials,” materials for interactive training sessions and a variety of sustaining elements such as website skins, postcards and branded email blasts. One challenge for this internal brand effort was to make the materials engaging to the point that people would want to read them. Due to the fast-paced nature throughout the company and the heavy volume of internal communications, employeefocused materials can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. With Performance Leadership being a top priority, Invesco wanted to ensure that communication behind this important change was noticed. The creative team worked to surmount this issue in every piece of communication, right down to the envelope in which materials were delivered. As part of the brand, Tribe developed a set of guidelines including all visual elements, examples of implementation, color palettes and usage standards as well as communication pieces introducing managers to Perform at Your Peak. In the end, the result was an all-encompassing internal brand helping Invesco People Managers show how their employees can perform at their peak. The pledge to the change and the engagement resources around it serve as examples of Invesco’s commitment to their employees and to effective management. More than ever, managers are learning how to open up dialogue in a productive, positive way that inspires peak performance and promotes career development while maintaining a strong corporate culture. TAKEAWAY When a company introduces a major change, the communication materials are as important as the message itself. None of the messaging matters if employees don’t notice it. 8 | TRIBE REPORT