The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue - Page 7

To help smooth the disruption that any business transformation can cause, Cbeyond targeted three specific areas. First, they needed to get their senior leadership on board and engaged with the different components of the change. They themed their change efforts and created a central repository for all change communications. They also utilized multiple communication methods and started a bimonthly online manager huddle. Second, they charged leadership with engaging employees and having an ongoing dialogue with them. This was accomplished through multiple platforms including email, Yammer, video and screensavers. The third focus of the process was to monitor and understand where employees were with the change. This would allow Cbeyond to identify disengaged individuals and work to gain their support. The plan worked, and today the company is seeing positive results because of it. General Motors Corporation sought a culture change for multiple reasons. The unrelenting pace of change in the auto industry, the need for faster decision-making and the perception of GM as a slow-moving and bureaucratic company were all factors. To help their organization advance this transformation, they launched the GoFast! change process. To accelerate acceptance by leadership and employees, GM positioned GoFast! as a problem-solving tool and not the branding for a major culture change. To increase buy-in and acceptance, they made a point to listen and improve processes based on employees’ feedback. The program resulted in leaders and employees working together to improve efficiencies in different areas of the company. TAKEAWAY In any change initiative, employees will be watching and listening to leadership, from the C-suite to their direct managers. It’s important to have the buy-in and backing of leadership as you implement the change, so that their confidence and acceptance is communicated to employees. the EMPLOYEE PERSPECTIVE When attempting to understand the many different components of change, it’s important to gain an allencompassing perspective that includes information from different employment levels. Tribe spoke with an employee of a large technology company who recently went through the change process. For the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to him as “John.” John was a project m