The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue | Page 6

BEST PRACTICES BY KARA BULLOCK SEEDS OF CHANGE When change is on the horizon for your company, the advantage you have is that so many other companies have already gone through the process. This affords you the luxury of using tried-and-true methods to help make the transformation as quick and clean as possible. This was a goal of The New York Times Company. A new leadership team focused its attention on the New York Times newsroom due to an ethics scandal involving one reporter’s plagiarism. The new team recognized the newsroom’s strong sense of autonomy as important, but preferred it work as a partner with the HR department and incorporate traditional management practices. This included the use of change facilitators. The facilitators management helped techniques introduce by new listening to employees, asking the right questions and knowing when to take risks. Team members needed to be individuals capable of being embedded in the organization both as observers and as an integral part of the department. Before the process involved employees, it was first introduced to the senior editorial staff. The positive results were used as an example when change facilitators were rolled out to the rest of the organization. At Cbeyond, a provider of cloud and network services to more than 62,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S., the economic downturn affected many of its customers, which in turn impacted Cbeyond. It became apparent that Cbeyond needed to adapt its strategy. After months of research into the technology needs of its existing and prospective customers, Cbeyond recognized that its most demanding customers — who also happened to be those who spent the most money on technology — could only be reached with a new kind of direct sales force using a new sales model and that these customers needed products that would require significant new development resources. In short, Cbeyond needed to transform major parts of its business and do it quickly. 6 | TRIBE REPORT