The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue | Page 21

INTERVIEW WITH GREGG BEDOL MANAGING DIRECTOR OF REDZONE CONSULTING Gregg Bedol has over 30 years of experience and, if necessary, apply consequences if what they’re looking helping corporate leaders go through the change to accomplish isn’t happening. process. He is an expert in strategy execution, process improvement, technology implementation TRIBE How important are the communication skills of a and change management across a variety of leader and his or her ability to sell a change? channels and industries. Gregg is also a frequent guest speaker at industry and corporate events GREGG I find in today’s widespread world, the ability to and has published multiple articles sharing his reinforce key messages is critical. That takes many different expertise in the field. forms. It could be person-to-person, but it could also be a video, conference call or printed piece. Many times the best messenger is someone who hasn’t actually written the TRIBE When working with company leaders through the message. They may know what needs to be communicated, change process, what do you feel is the most important piece but somebody else may be better at crafting the message in a of information for them to understand? simple, clear and elegant way. GREGG That change is always going to be harder than they TRIBE Would you describe how you implement your Vision think. And the leaders themselves must do most of the work. Execution Framework model? Too many leaders think they can delegate responsibility. They can delegate tasks and activities, but they need to remember GREGG Once we know a real commitment to change is that it’s their project. It’s