The Tribe Report 4. The Change Management Issue | Page 14

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Each of Tribe’s core practice areas contributes in meaningful ways to developing employee engagement. But sometimes the primary goal of our work is specifically to build strong engagement. For instance, when introducing a new intranet for one client, we developed a launch plan to engage employees with each other via this new channel, using a Facebooklike internal social network, project group workspaces and other engagement elements. VALUES AND INTERNAL BRANDING The internal brand provides the foundation for a high-performing culture and an engaging employee experience. By strengthening the internal brand, companies can also improve the customer experience. Tribe works with companies to crystallize and communicate their values and vision to employees in meaningful ways that impact the way they do business every day. One way we’ve done this is by ghostwriting books, magazines and blogs about our clients’ culture and values. RECRUITING AND RETENTION Talent Magnetism© is an organic cycle that begins with engaged employees building strong word of mouth, both in person and online, and results in employees who stay put because their current company offers them more meaningful roles. Tribe he