The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 9

THE NUMBERS TRIBE SURVEY ON NON-DESK CHANNELS Respondents to this survey on channel usage for non-desk employees were drawn from a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, oil and energy, hospitality/travel, pharmaceuticals, QSR/restaurants and healthcare. Percentages listed refer to percent of respondents who indicated that their company uses that channel to reach non-desk workers. 78% ACCESSED FROM SHARED COMPUTERS OR TABLETS 20% USING EMPLOYEES' PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS 20% EXECUTIVE 52% DIGITAL 20% PRINTED INTRANET MOBILE BLOGS NEWSLETTERS MAGAZINES 33% ACCESSED FROM PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICES 11% USING AN APP DOWNLOADED BY EMPLOYEES 13% EMPLOYEE 39% PRINTED 15% DIGITAL SPRING 2015 | 9