The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 5

Internal communicators in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and many other industries face the special challenge of offline employees. Those workers who aren’t sitting in front of a computer at work are probably not going to spend a ton of time on the intranet. They’re also not likely to have a company email address. So how do you reach them? The tried-and-true channels that are the foundation of most non-desk communication plans are cascading information through managers, shared computers for non-desk employees to access the intranet, printed posters and digital signage. Beyond that, developing successful channels requires a deep understanding of the realities of those non-desk jobs. It’s very difficult to devise a successful communications strategy for non-desk employees without getting out of the office and seeing their work environments for yourself. Where are they physically? Is it noisy? Are they outdoors? What do they walk past on their way in from the parking lot or during the workday? Where do they go during their breaks? That firsthand knowledge can result in creative solutions that could make all the difference. For past clients, Tribe has proposed rearview mirror hangtags and printed floor mats to announce a new program to delivery drivers. We’ve recommended collateral and signage on the employee parking shuttle bus and in the bus shelter for healthcare employees. For retail employees, we’ve developed a weekly calendar printed with values messaging that affixes to the cash register counter. We’ve also suggested window clings on restroom mirrors, floor decals leading employees to the location of an event, and flyers awarding prizes hidden in boxes shipped from the bake house to retail locations. In terms of more univer ͅ