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SPRING 2015 For most companies with non-desk audiences, communicating with this audience is an ongoing struggle. This issue of The Tribe Report compares notes on communications best practices with employees on the manufacturing line, the retail floor, in the back of the hotel and in front of the patients — as well as in other jobs that don’t involve sitting in front of a computer. Although you’ll find some brilliant ideas shared by a wide range of companies, none of them are the end-all, be-all, single solution that will work with every nondesk audience. That’s because there is no one solution. At Tribe, we recommend looking at the physical realities of non-desk jobs to identify new touch points. We stress with our clients that this communications challenge generally requires a variety of channels rather than just one. We also emphasize how important communicating to non-desk employees can be. In many companies, these are the people who are creating the customer experience. If they don’t understand what the company stands for, as well as its vision for the future and the values intended to guide day-to-day decisions, then the company is leaving a lot to chance. VOLUME FIVE • ISSUE ONE What is Tribe? We’re so glad you asked. Tribe is an internal communications agency. We develop strategic plans and design creative vehicles to build employee engagement and the internal brand. You can see some of our work at If you’d like to talk about what Tribe can do for you, please contact Steve Baskin at 404-256-5858 or [email protected] Editor Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin [email protected] Contributing Writers Stephen Burns [email protected] As we often say, companies can spend a bazillion dollars in advertising to promote the brand promise, but the customer experience comes down to that hourly worker standing behind the cash register. Steve Baskin [email protected] This is our tenth issue of The Tribe Report. I can’t remember how many we printed of the inaugural issue, but I know there are only one or two copies remaining at Tribe. We’ve continued to increase our print quantity with each issue, and our list of electronic subscribers continues to grow as well. If you’ve been with us from the start, thank you. And if this is your first issue of The Tribe Report, we hope you’ll stick with us for the ones to come. Know that we appreciate you all. Brittany Silberman [email protected] Matt Maggart [email protected] The Tribe Report is published by Tribe Inc., 2100 Riveredge Parkway, Suite 710, Atlanta, GA 30328. Subscriptions are free of charge but limited to a small group of professionals working in internal communications or brand culture for large companies. A digital version of each issue is available to the public at www. For reprints, please call Tribe at 404-256-5858. Produced and printed in the USA. ©Copyright 2015 by Tribe Inc.