The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 19

MOBILE INTRANET Taking your entire intranet mobile is undoubtedly the biggest investment your company could make in mobile capabilities. This option would give non-desk employees access to everything their office counterparts get in terms of internal communications. But while it may sound appealing to have all the resources of your company intranet accessible from anywhere, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the expense. If your intranet wasn’t originally built with a responsive design, you’ll need to build a mobile version from scratch. This is both time- and cost-intensive. Even if it was built with mobile capability in mind, there are intrinsic security risks to taking such a large portion of your internal communications outside the office. MOBILE MEETINGS AND ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKS Video interfaces like GoToMeeting and BlueJeans now have mobile capabilities. So for a monthly fee, yo