The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 18

TOOLBOX TAKING COMPANY CULTURE MOBILE Technology for engaging non-desk workers BY STEPHEN BURNS Engaging non-desk workers in company culture, values and vision is a huge challenge. Properly conveying these nuanced aspects of your company requires an immersion that is nearly impossible if employees aren’t in the office every day with complete access to the channels of your internal communication. Modern mobile capabilities are starting to remedy these problems by bringing these communications to employees’ devices. But in order to navigate the waters of mobile tech, it’s important to truly understand what your employees need from mobile communications and exactly how your company can take internal communications mobile. • Do you need to target messages or can you send everything to everyone? • Do your employees need mobile two-way communication or would an information stream be sufficient? • Do your employees need to use the platform to communicate with each other or is a comment section enough? 18 | TRIBE REPORT