The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 17

TRIBE SHOWCASE GROWTH 2014 CEO Safety EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNERS MAGAZINE 2014 IN REVIEW Four GP facilities qualified for the CEO Safety Award in 2014. The award recognizes safety performance against leading and lagging safety metrics, including the facility’s efforts to demonstrate sustainability related to the Compliance and Ethics EHS Risk Management System’s first two elements—Leadership Commitment and Employee Ownership. Since 2012, 19 CEO Safety Excellence Awards have been presented. •> Spotlight on Safety •> Investing in Our Future AN TI O CH , CALI FO RN I A , GY PS UM M AD I S O N , GEO R GI A , PLY WO O D TAY LO R SVI LLE, M I S S I S S I PPI , LUM B ER WE ST CH E STER , O H I O, CO R RUGATED •> On the Cutting Edge of eCommerce •> Reaching Out with The Green Hand™ Project 2014 FACILITY MILESTONES ECOS O UR CE TM WASTEPAPER PRO CE S S I N G O PERATI O N , GR EEN BAY, WI S CO N S I N — 25 TH AN N I VERSARY LEH I GH VALLEY, PEN N SY LVAN I A , D I X I E® PLAN T— 5 0TH AN N I VER SARY GR EEN BAY (B R OADWAY ), WI S CO N S I N , CO N S UM ER PRO D UCTS M I LL— 95 TH AN N I VER SARY GROWTH Magazine 2014 | 08 PAUL FRED ERI CK S ON, SE N IO R VIC E PRE SIDE N T Consumer Products Group Operations A lot of good work has been done across CPG assessing and reducing risk in the past few years, but clearly we haven’t progressed far enough. While “it’s better than it used to be,” our absolute level of performance in managing risk isn’t where it needs to be. At times, we accept too much risk both organizationally and individually. One of my personal misses has been allowing higher frequency risks to dominate our risk management effort. With humility, we’ve taken a step back and challenged the effectiveness of our vision, strategies and tools. We have received good feedback from employees on what they see, and as leaders we have reflected on what we need to do differently. We are moving forward with a renewed commitment to ensure we manage risks effectively every day, with a particular focus on critical risks as one strategy to control our performance rather than reacting to incidents. CRA I G LOW E, V I CE PRE SIDE N T Manufacturing, GP Corrugated We made good progress in 2014 on our safety goal of improving knowledge sharing and leading indicator efforts. Efforts to reduce injuries and move toward safety and health excellence will continue into 2015. Our small group conversations on critical hazards have been valuable in shaping our plans for 2015, including prioritization of hazards and balanced management of risk. We want every employee to recommit to minimizing risk, understanding critical hazards and controls, and having the courage to speak up. MI K E TOMPK I NS , S ENI O R VIC E PRE SIDE N T Building Products Operations It’s been a difficult and humbling year for all of us. While we had some accomplishments— for example, recognizing several facilities with CEO Safety Excellence Awards—they were overshadowed by a number of serious injuries across our organization, including the tragic event at our Corrigan, Texas, plywood facility. Tribe’s research with non-desk employees indicates that they want management — and the rest of the company — to understand the realities of their jobs. TAKE IT HOME Another benefit of using print material is the ability to share it easily with others outside the company. Engaging family and friends can be just as important as engaging your employees. Having a physical copy encourages that circulation, and it really allows employees to build pride in their work and their company outside the workplace. GROWTH MAGAZINE AR Q% 1L)@