The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 16

HIGHLIGHTING COMPANY HEROES Using magazines to reach and celebrate frontline employees BY STEPHEN BURNS Today’s technology brings an array of new options to reach non-desk employees, but print materials still carry a certain impact, particularly in creating company pride. Georgia-Pacific’s employee magazine, Growth, is a longstanding example of a company using print as an effective resource for a predominately non-desk audience. Employees respond to seeing people in similar positions being acknowledged and appreciated. At Tribe, we’ve found that low-tech options, like a magazine, can be great for engaging non-desk workers who have limited options and time to get online. The medium, however, is not the only important element. For this issue of Growth, Georgia-Pacific worked with us to incorporate these three keys for a successful print piece. CELEBRATE THE FRONTLINE Print materials are a great way to showcase the heroic aspects of frontline workers. Tribe’s research with nondesk employees indicates that they want management — and the rest of the company — to understand the realities of their jobs and to acknowledge the frontline’s role in the company’s success. This is your company’s chance to celebrate the contributions of all your frontline employees in a meaningful and substantial way. USE REAL EMPLOYEE PHOTOGRAPHY Employees respond to seeing people in similar positions being acknowledged and appreciated. Unfortunately, due to time or budgetary restrictions a lot of companies opt to use stock photography. But to employees, this comes across as disingenuous and misrepresentative. Georgia-Pacific understood the inherent value of this 16 | TRIBE REPORT investment. For Growth, we were able to travel to mills and lumberyards across several states and spend time on the floors taking photos of employees. With GP’s help, we were able to take the proper safety precautions and not disrupt any work. As a result, the pictures we captured are not only visually striking, but they also convey a realness that will translate to employees who read the piece. These genuine faces and scenes can help bridge gaps and break down silos across your company. PEOPLE & VALUES SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY GP TR IVIA: GP EMPLOYS ABOUT 35,000 PEOPLE AND OPERATES NEARLY 150 MANUFACTURING FACILITIES GLOBALLY.