The Tribe Report 10. The Non-Desk Best Practices Issue - Page 13

BEST PRACTICES Cascading works great. Except when it doesn’t. that a smartphone photo works fine for this recognition program. “A professional photo is no longer a strong expectation. They really want something authentic.” In Tribe’s national employee research, managers tasked with cascading information to their teams indicated that they would like more tools and materials to make communicating easier. Meanwhile, communications teams often cite the uncertainty of whether managers are actually delivering the communications or not. Beyond recognizing employees, which is important in its own right, this approach also models that desired behavior for other employees. It makes the values actionable by demonstrating how those values can be used in their dayto-day jobs. And it helps managers start conversations with their teams about the values, which is an important step to making them relevant to employees. Non-desk employees in the study shared general acceptance of the cascading method, but had concerns about consistency of message. Many of them mentioned the telephone game, where a message is whispered from one player to another until it becomes hopelessly garbled. They also told us they’d prefer to hear directly from corporate on two topics: change management and the vision and values of the company. HILTON GARDEN INN At Hilton Garden Inn, corporate provides hotel managers with customizable tools to help communicate the brand values and fill other communications needs for over 600 locations in more than 22 countries. One way hotel leaders cascade communications to their non-desk employees is during department huddles, the Hilton version of pre-shift meetings. “Each month a huddle touches on one of the brand values, and the hotels receive an electronic poster featuring a team member who illustrated that value,” said Lynn Smith, Director of Culture and Communications. “We also include an electronic customizable template so they can recognize a team member who has demonstrated that value at their own hotel. They upload a photo of the employee to be recognized, customize the copy and then print locally,” she said. CARLE HEALTH SYSTEM At Carle Health System, the communications team came up with a clever way to demonstrate that managers did indeed deliver the message. Like other healthcare systems, Carle has a highly educated non-desk employee population that is constantly on the move. Although they’ve recently launched a new intranet, and clinicians have computers they take with them to patient rooms, “They don’t have time to use CLICK (our intranet) when they’re working,” said Kelly Skinner, Internal Communications Coordinator. That meant the communications team had to get creative when tasked with getting employees up to speed to prepare for a second ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® for nursing excellence. “There are five areas in Magnet accreditation. We needed to make sure our people were fully educated on how our organization exhibits those five so we could put our best foot forward,” Skinner said. The solution was as simple as Duplo® blocks, the oversized Lego® blocks for toddlers. Five different colors of blocks represented the five Magnet areas. “We created a champion for each unit,” Skinner said. “The champions were expected to do rounds, connecting with all the people in their department to talk about one of the Although they previously shipped posters to each property, five educational units each month. After they rounded on “going electronic is more efficient,” Smith said. She’s found a person, they gave them a block.” SPRING 2015 | 13