the torch Winter 2016, Issue 4 - Page 23

2 From the Chair Finally! Cool mentor, leader and encourager, Joel T. weather has Allison. His legacy of service is quite come to Dallas! remarkable in its depth and breadth. We I love the fall, are so sad to lose Joel and Diane, but I love the leaves know our new CEO, Jim Hinton, will be blowing every-where, love the cool nights a fresh new wind to blow that sadness away and sunshiny days. Somehow it just gets my and help Baylor fly to even greater heights. juices flowing, and I start thinking of all the In these pages, you’ll learn about research family and friends I will enjoy seeing during on digestive diseases – the topic for our the coming months. These people in our December Foundation board meeting. You lives give us energy, confirm that we are truly will read of some very remarkable gifts to the alive and remind us to be thankful for our Foundation from some very generous folks. blessings. I hope you take time to enjoy and If you have not completed all your year-end acknowledge these same feelings as you giving, don’t forget to include Baylor; we contemplate your growing “to do” list, that make every nickel count and will certainly usually comes with fall and the festivities! put your gift to hard work for our patients! We have had a grand year at the As I look to the coming holidays, I think Foundation and in this torch you will read of you and thank you for your continued about some of the highlights. Celebrating support of Baylor’s mission and leave you Women was a resounding success again – with this blessing: thanks to all who worked so hard under the gracious leadership of Chairman Aileen Pratt and Underwriting Chairman Gloria Martindale. Grand Rounds Golf Tournament was super fun with perfect weather and much appreciated Baylor “swag’”again this year. And, who said you can’t take time for a grilled lamb chop on the way to your next tee?! The Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute Healthy “May the One who brings comfort surround you with goodness and strength. May your spirit be calmed and renewed. May you find wisdom to guide you in your journey. May you and your loved ones know hope and peace.” – Author unknown Margo Goodwin Harvest Fun Walk/5K Run was so successful and has grown so much through the years, which you can alsoread about. You will read about our friend and Chair, Board of Directors Baylor Health Care System Foundation 23 21