the torch Winter 2016, Issue 4 - Page 19

Baylor family. Their gift annuities pay her will in thanks for all who cared for Baylor’s neonatal department, which lifetimes and will ultimately create a 1992. After eight weeks in a Baylor When words can never express Don and Linda an income during their fund to help save the lives of others with leukemia. Carlet ta Ramsay gave the proceeds from her IRA to the Foundation in thanks for her pulmonologist who sustained her life for years beyond her original prognosis. Her gift is providing other COPD sufferers with a program that extends the quality of their lives, as it did hers. Cynthia Krause is leaving a gift in her and the triplets she carried in saves lives every day. hospital bed, her doctors delivered our gratitude, legacies of thanks weighed between 1 and 2 pounds. Lives initiative can leave a lasting her babies at 28 ½ weeks; each Five days later, two babies died. Cynthia says her Baylor family sur rounde d he r – clinically, through our Life Savings, Saving heritage to benefit others. For more information on planned emotionally and spiritually. Seven giving, contact Cynthia Krause at home on December 15; their weeks later, her daughter came Christmas miracle. Today she has a 214.820.7928 or www. beautiful, healthy 24-year-old. Cynthia will leave her legacy to Baylor Health Care System Foundation does not provide legal, accounting or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisors for assistance in these areas. 18 17