the torch Winter 2016, Issue 4 - Page 13

ON THE BOARD MICHAEL LEWIS Michael, a.k.a., “Late Night,” love the fact that Baylor Scott & White Tell our readers about your family. when he sees it. Case in point: in the That’s key. And the more research I have three children. We have Ellie and three partners launched Velocis, a is the type of organization I want to be Peak Preparatory near the Baylor on office space, retail, data centers It helped, too, that Baylor was a studying to be a physician’s assistant at been the easiest time to launch a new in Paris, Texas. His father, a general Our youngest, Katie, is studying right time has paid off for Velocis, with complex needs to Baylor. my kids went to The University of Texas. fund this past July. Since 2010, Velocis Lewis knows a good opportunity Health is a faith-based organization. I married my wife, Lisa, in 1987, and we midst of the Great Recession, he and did, the more it confirmed that Baylor Courtney, who are twins. Ellie teaches at national real estate equity fund focused affiliated with,” Mike said. campus, and Courtney is currently and medical offices. It may not have familiar name to him while growing up Baylor School of Medicine in Houston. fund, but seizing the opportunity at the surgeon, often referred his patients communications in college. All three of which successfully closed its second Since joining the Foundation board in 2013, Mike has enjoyed his role as a What sorts of things do you enjoy doing when you’re all together? has purchased nearly two dozen member. “Baylor has all the things that We have always loved sports. Our properties located in major markets in I look for in a first-class, top-rate system. kids were very active in sports Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Not only is Baylor’s patient-centric throughout high school, and I think all Arizona, Virginia and North Carolina. mission noble, its mission from a five of us love The University of Texas “I love dealing with tangible assets. business perspective is also very solid.” football and basketball teams. And the I’ve always liked the challenge of What brought you to Dallas? four of them love the “sport” of shop- finding a property that is undervalued I got my B.B.A. from The University or broken in some way and identifying of Texas in Austin in 1982. After I Do you serve on any other boards? We look at what kind of creative capital different directions. I looked at all the Club of Dallas. I’m on the Dallas Country an asset for the user, and ultimately, that the best business opportunity I had Benchmark Bank board. I’m also on the performance,” Mike said. What was the business opportunity? Council at The University of Texas. outside of work, he’s also open to company, and they wanted to bring me Robinson, president of Baylor Health on a consistent basis is Psalms. It’s very Care System Foundation, invited Mike to join the board, he considered it What type of career would you have if you had not pursued real estate investment? carefully and decided it was a good fit: I’ve always liked investing. If it wasn’t a heart for God. It’s good at grounding “I wanted to make sure that my passion in real estate, it’d be something else. ping. I let them do that on their own. I do. I’m involved in the Salesmanship opportunities to unlock hidden value. graduated, I had friends moving in all improvements we can make to improve major cities in Texas, and it turned out Club Board of Governors, and I’m on the take it from a dormant state to its peak was in Dallas. I’ve been here ever since. executive committee of the Chancellor’s When it comes to investing his time It was a real estate development good opportunities. After Rowland K. would truly be behind it,” he said. “I in to handle the marketing side of it. Maybe oil and gas. W hat book has been most influential in your life? The Bible. My favorite book that I read calming to me because David really struggled with a lot of things and yet had me. Of course, if I could only read one book, it would be the Gospel of John. 13