the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 | Page 4

2 From the President Earn This As I wrote this column On June 30th, Margo Goodwin’s term as our on Memoria l Day, I Foundation board chair comes to an end. reflected on the movie Saving Private Ryan. At the end For all my life, I have been fortunate to have been of the film, a dying, thirty-year-old Captain Miller surrounded by strong-willed, hardworking and (portrayed by Tom Hanks) says to the young Private purpose-driven women. Ryan: “Earn this.” Like Margo, they all possess natural leadership What he communicated in those two words was: skills. They are masters of opportunity management — “You’ve received the gift of life and liberty. Now it is keeping us all in check while running a family your responsibility to live in a way that honors the household, and/or a business, while, at the same time, sacrifice that others have made. Make your world supporting many other initiatives that they believe in.   better.” They are organized, full of love, spiritually aligned As I thought about those words, I couldn’t help but and well-balanced. Leaders like Margo are master think about the men and women of Baylor Scott & multi-taskers and highly collaborative. White Health. As we come to the end of a challenging Looking for respect more than recognition, leaders fiscal year in an uncertain environment, I am inspired like Margo don’t seek to become the star of the show, by my colleagues and our leadership across Texas. Each but rather they enable others to create a great show.  day, they continue to innovate, empower each other Leaders like Margo understand survival, renewal and drive for new levels of excellence. Their passion and and reinvention. They have grit and are not afraid to dedication give me confidence in the future. fight for what they believe in. My teammates have embraced the challenges of the Over the past several years, Margo has stood for day and are making sacrifices and working hard to Baylor, and for that, we will be forever grateful! provide outstanding care for our community, today Thanks for everything, GOOD FRIEND!  and in the years to come. They “earn it,” to make the world better every day. Rowland K. Robinson President, Baylor Health Care System Foundation [email protected] 4 4