the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 | Page 17

What has been the highlight of your career? the financial stability I wanted to help become. They’re all college I’m really proud of the fact that yoga from my mat when I go to visit genuinely good people. I want to sit through my various career moves and changes, I’ve never given up. I have continued learning and achieving successes at each point along the way, and with this new role at the Foundation, I’m continuing to do that and push myself. I love what support my family. Now I can enjoy instead of as co-owner. What are you most proud of? My husband of 36 years, Garry, and I have three incredible kids. I’m most proud of them and who they’ve I do and hope this is where I end my career, but no time soon. I love having David Burgher and Lindalyn Ad a m s as example s in the Lynn Bohne Foundation – to continue working and contributing long past a traditional retirement age, growing professionally with f ulfilling work — it’s exactly what I’d like to do. Is there an occupation, other than your current one, you’d like to try? I have a suppressed desire to be a lawyer. In fact, I even took the LSAT – let’s just say my score led me to pursue other career opportunities. After leaving SMU, I did pursue a different career path and opened a yoga studio with my sister in Prosper, Texas. I learned a lot about how to start a business from the ground up and enjoyed using my background in sales and marketing to help promote and build the company, but sold my portion to my sister for $1 after a year. I missed my work and 17 graduates, great parents and back and enjoy the people they’ve grown up to be and see the amazing lives they’ve built for themselves. They all live close by, and I love spending time with them and my three young grandchildren.