the torch Summer 2017, Issue 2 | Page 20

Boone Powell Sr . Luncheon highlights Arts in Medicine program

Throughout history , pictures , stories , dances , music and drama have been central to healing . Research indicates that music can decrease pain , nausea and anxiety ; lowers blood pressure ; and stabilizes heart rates .
According to JaeJeung So , art therapist at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas , art therapy also has a healing effect , stating , “ With serious illnesses , patients feel they have little control over their diseases and / or their lives . Art therapy allows them to gain a degree of freedom by putting on canvas what words can ’ t explain , literally allowing them to see what they are feeling .”
Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas , with the assistance of several generous friends , is helping to connect patients here , with the healing power of arts .
For example , “ Certified Music Practitioners are specially trained musicians providing live music at patients ’ bedsides to bring physical , emotional and spiritual comfort ,” said Tony Arant , certified music practitioner . “ In 2015 , we averaged 300 monthly patient requests . Today , we receive over 2,000 monthly requests , so our three music practitioners meet less than 30 percent of our patients ’ needs .”
The Arts in Medicine program at Baylor Dallas is a philanthropically funded initiative created for the purpose of integrating music , visual arts , performing arts and research to promote healing and to enhance the lives of our patients , families , visitors , clinicians and employees .
The vision of Arts in Medicine program is to :
• Fully integrate the music , therapeutic , literary , visual and performing arts into our clinical care to promote healing and enhance the lives of all those we serve
• Investigate the use of arts in healing through clinical research
• Build community partnerships around arts , health and medicine As word spreads about the positive impact these services have , the demand from our patients and caregivers is outpacing our ability to meet those needs .
The Arts in Medicine program was the featured topic at the eighth annual Boone Powell Sr . Society Luncheon in May . The Boone Powell Senior Society was created to honor those who have made commitments
Tony Arant , Sara Chigani , Rowland K . Robinson , Dr . James Fleshman , Kelly Crayton and JaeJeung So