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Rebecca and Nora Hinton
Who are some mentors who ’ ve made the biggest impact on your life ?
Jim Collins , the business author , is quoted as saying that you need to make sure you have good “ Who Luck ,” which means you surround yourself with successful people who can help
you learn and progress in ways that you couldn ’ t on your own . Collins says you become lucky by the number of influential people you ’ ve had in your life . I have really been blessed with many . I can think of some who taught me the value of hard work , about being industrious . I worked for a man who owned a shoe store , who taught me what I needed to know about customer service and taking care of customers .
I worked for a leader who was my first boss in health care , who really taught me the value of respectful dialogue and interaction with people . Seeking out and maintaining mentors is an important part of growing as a person . Whether it ’ s in your spiritual life or professional life , we all can be made better through exposure to people who demonstrate success .
How do you involve teammates in decisions ?
I ’ m a very inclusive leader . I actively try to create structures to engage as many people as possible in key decisions — to make sure that all perspectives are represented in decisions .
What do you think of Texas so far ?
The people are so positive and aspirational . There ’ s a can-do spirit . I like the fact that the state is growing and wants to grow . That ’ s very exciting to me . But sometimes the
traffic in Dallas is a little perplexing .
Do you have any cowboy boots yet ?
I had three pair of cowboy boots before I ever got the first call from Baylor Scott & White . I actually grew up riding horses . My uncle owned a riding stable . I wouldn ’ t call myself a cowboy , per se , but I do like horses , and have ridden quite a bit .
Who has better Mexican food , Texas or New Mexico ?
I ’ ve had one Tex-Mex meal , and at this point , I ’ m still leaning toward New Mexican food . But , I have an open and positive attitude . How ’ s that ? I grew up on really hot , red and green chili in New Mexico . I ’ m just going to have to find something that ’ s as spicy as what I love .
Optimist or realist ?
I ’ m not going to say one or the other , because I think I ’ m very realistic and I ’ m very optimistic . That ’ s an easy one for me .
“ No matter what the future holds , Baylor Scott & White Health is going to be here for Texans . ... We ’ re going to continue to be one of the great health care systems in the entire United States .”
— Jim Hinton , President and CEO Baylor Scott & White Health
Ethan and Nora Hinton
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