the torch Spring 2017, Issue 1 - Page 8

Kristen and Jim Hinton
Widening Our View of Population Health
Commenting on the growing focus on population health , Jim said the concept is rather simple : health starts outside the health care system . “ It starts with the issues patients have in their daily lives — is the environment safe , is the water and air clean , do they wear a seatbelt and follow the preventative health care guidelines ?” The health care system can be a trusted source when people need this type of guidance .
But , he added , “ Another thing to keep in mind on population health is that the federal government , the state Medicaid programs , the commercial insurers , have a lot of information on how health systems perform . It ’ s incumbent upon the health systems to know how they are perceived from the standpoint of cost , quality and service .”
Jim is looking forward to working with system leaders and clinicians to help steer Baylor Scott & White in its
States .”
vision to be the most trusted name in giving and receiving safe , quality , compassionate health care . “ No matter what the future holds , no matter what comes out of Washington , D . C ., or Austin , Texas , Baylor Scott & White Health is going to be here for Texans ,” Jim said . “ We ’ re going to continue to do an amazing job , and we ’ re going to continue to be one of the great health care systems in the entire United
He recently took time to talk with the torch editors about his move from New Mexico , his family and , of course , cowboy boots .
Baylor Scott & White and your previous employer are both faithbased . How important is that to you ?
I don ’ t think I would have considered a role in a for-profit system . I have no problem at all with capitalism . I think it ’ s great . It helped build America . But I really am most comfortable in a system that has a broader context for healing and mission and purpose , than just what you earn every month . That is very important to me .
You have two older brothers , one of whom is a radiologist , and the other is a psychologist . Your mother and your two oldest children also work in health care . Would you say health care is in your DNA ?
We get that question a lot . My dad was a residential homebuilder . I don ’ t remember him ever really talking about health care much , but both of my parents were very committed to giving and service . I think being in health care is one of the ways you can express that in your life . That ’ s probably where we got it .
Tell readers about your family .
My wife , Kristen , has worked in communications and public policy in health care . She ’ s a proud graduate of Butler University and went to Northwestern for her master ’ s degree .
My daughter Rebecca is almost 30 , and she ’ s a registered nurse . My son Robert is 26 and works for a health system in New York City . Then , Ethan is 13 . He is interested in three things : baseball , baseball and baseball . He actually played in the Little League Regional World Series in Waco last year .
My daughter Nora , who ’ s 11 , wants to be the first female president of the United States .
Robert and Ethan Hinton