the torch Spring 2017, Issue 1 - Page 22

2 From the Chair
“ If Winter comes , c a n Spring be far behind ?” The poet Shelley must never have lived in Texas ! Here such seasonal changes happen weekly , and we hardly know what to expect from one day to the next . But that makes each day an adventure and gets our juices flowing to greet the day , make a list , get things done !
This torch will certainly help get your juices flowing and maybe even inspire a list or two . You ’ ll enjoy reading a great profile about Jim Hinton , Baylor Scott & White Health ’ s new CEO who has just taken the position after Joel Allison ’ s retirement . You ’ ll read about our amazing child life specialists who help children when a parent or loved one is facing scary medical issues here at Baylor .
You can also look for your name – and I do hope you are there – on a list of all donors for 2016 who have given $ 2,500 or
more ! If you are not listed , you can be on the 2017 list !!! We cherish all our donors , large and small , as every dollar makes a difference in the health and well-being of all who come to Baylor . So , put us on your to-do list and give ( again ) this year . You ’ ll feel great pride in knowing you have done something good !
Some donations deserve more than a listing , so you will also read and marvel at all the wonderful things happening at the Institute for Nursing Innovation thanks to an amazing gift from Anne and Harris Clark .
I hope you never need to come to one of our amazing hospitals or outpatient clinics , but I know that if you do , you will find the care , compassion and quality medical attention that you need from everyone you encounter at Baylor .
My wish for you is health , happiness and a lively spring in your step – as Lilly Pulitzer said , “ Despite the forecast , live like it ’ s Spring .”
Margo Goodwin Chair , Board of Directors Baylor Health Care System Foundation