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Philanthropy-funded programs support nurses at Baylor

When Vivian Sullivan , a unit secretary and patient care technician at Baylor T . Boone Pickens Cancer Hospital , applied for an Advancing Nursing Excellence ( ANE ) scholarship , she had to go through an interview process .
“ What will you do if you don ’ t get this scholarship ?” she was asked . “ I ’ m going to keep going because it ’ s in my heart to become a nurse ,” she answered . “ There will be challenges , but I ’ m going to get there .”
Vivian , a mother of five , received the scholarship , and is well on her way to earning a bachelor ’ s of nursing degree fromThe University of Texas at Arlington .
The ANE scholarship program and a newly established Center for Nursing Leadership are two initiatives at Baylor Scott & White Health aimed at ensuring the 10,000 registered nurses at BSWH are well-equipped for the vital roles they serve . The success of both programs relies on the generosity of our donors .
Baylor encourages its nurses to obtain higher-level nursing degrees for several reasons . Research shows that increasing the number of nurses with bachelor ’ s degrees can improve patient outcomes and decrease the mortality rate . Additionally , when nurse leaders are positioned to influence system practice and policies , it leads to improvements like reduced hospital-acquired infections , improved patient outcomes and decreased mortality .
Advancing Nursing Excellence
The ANE scholarship program helps ease the burden of full-time Baylor employees who are pursing nursing degrees . With philanthropic support , selected scholars can work part-time while earning full-time benefits as they complete their studies . Since the program ’ s inception in 2009 , 65 employees have been selected . Forty-four have completed their degrees . Eleven new ANE scholars , including Vivian , were selected for 2017 .
“ Vivian has never lost focus of what she wants her life to be ,” said nurse manager Kelly Crayton , MSN , R . N ., NE-BC . “ Sometimes as an adult learner , that ’ s tough .”
“ My children and I would all sit around the table doing our homework — only I would be there until the wee hours of the night because I had so much work to do ,” Vivian said . “ With this scholarship , it gave me so much time back .”
​ “ This scholarship let me know that someone else cared ,” said Vivian , who plans to continue working at Baylor after she completes her BSN . “ They are going to have to pry my fingers away from Baylor because they have been a tremendous help to me — a blessing not only to me , but also to my family .”
Center for Nursing Leadership
The Center for Nursing Leadership is part of the Baylor Scott & White Institute for Nursing Innovation . This center focuses on all
“ I ’ m going to keep going because it ’ s in my heart to become a nurse . There will be challenges , but I ’ m going to get there .”
– Vivian Sullivan , Advancing Nursing Excellence Scholar