the torch Spring 2017, Issue 1 - Page 11

a stroke , Dr . Nichols called for an ambulance , which took him to an area hospital . “ I couldn ’ t tell the ambulance driver , ‘ Take me to Baylor ,’” Dr . dePrisco said . “ I couldn ’ t talk at all .”
As he recovered , he reviewed images of his brain with the neuroradiologist at the hospital . The scans showed what looked like a normal , healthy brain . At Dr . dePrisco ’ s insistence , the neuroradiologist re-did the scans using a process that yielded higher-resolution images . The higherquality images revealed that Dr . dePrisco had indeed suffered a stroke .
“ You can imagine what a surreal experience this was for me ,” Dr . dePrisco said . “ It really drove home the point for me , that where you get your health care matters .”
Board Members Meet New CEO
The board meeting also gave members a chance to meet Jim Hinton , the new president and chief executive officer of Baylor Scott & White , who talked with many attendees before the meeting . Jim also concluded the meeting , thanking Dr . dePrisco for his presentation and the Foundation for its support for the system .
“ Organizations like Baylor Scott & White can ’ t do what they do if you don ’ t do what you do as a foundation ,” he said . “ There ’ s just not enough money in patient-care revenue to invest in the kinds of technologies that we just saw . Your support and your generosity and commitment to having world-class health care for all our communities is so very critical .”
Dr . dePrisco with his wife , Dr . Nichols , and daughter Trinity