the torch Spring 2017, Issue 1 - Page 10

Key message from board meeting : ‘ Where you get your health care matters ’

Some of the most memorable moments in life involve people we ’ ll probably never meet . On a trip to Disneyworld , kids may never meet the person who designed Mickey ’ s costume or powdered the face of Cinderella . At a five-star restaurant , diners will likely never meet the fisherman who lured in the catch of the day featured on the dinner menu .
For patients who have questions , like “ How bad was my stroke ?” or “ How big is the tumor in my breast ?” it ’ s the radiologist , most of the time working behind the scenes , who helps find the answer . By reviewing and interpreting images , radiologists have a critical role not only in a patient ’ s diagnosis , but also in presurgical planning and assessing response to therapy .
At the most recent Baylor Health Care System Foundation board meeting , members heard from Gregory dePrisco , M . D . Dr . dePrisco is a diagnostic radiologist on the medical staff at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and director of the MRI Fellowship Program .
“ Radiologists represent the last link in the diagnostic chain ,” said Rowland K . Robinson , president of Baylor Health Care System Foundation , as he introduced Dr . dePrisco . “ The conclusion about an imaging study does not rely merely on the technical quality of the image . Rather , it relies on the expertise of an experienced radiologist to evaluate , interpret and determine the diagnosis .”
Importance of Radiology
Dr . dePrisco gave board members a brief overview of the history of radiology in general , and highlighted Baylor Scott & White Health ’ s efforts to be on the leading edge . For instance , within a year of the development of the world ’ s first CT scanner in 1973 — which was financed by Electric and Musical Industries , the London firm that also produced albums for The Beatles — Baylor Dallas had one of its own .
Supporting such a robust radiology program has allowed Baylor Scott & White to excel in other areas that rely on experienced , well-trained radiologists and access to advanced
Jim Hinton visiting with board members during the meet and greet
medical imaging tools . Many of the System ’ s most recognized programs , including transplant , oncology , cardiology , gastro-enterology and others , depend on radiology to provide quality patient care .
“ Where you get your health care matters ,” Dr . dePrisco said , emphasizing that radiologists on the Baylor Dallas medical staff must have completed a fellowship in a subspecialized field of radiology .
To underscore this point , Dr . dePrisco shared a personal story . Eight years ago , while holding his infant daughter in his arms , he began feeling dizzy . He set his daughter down in her crib and tried to put on his slippers . When his wife , Michelle Nichols , M . D ., asked him what was wrong , he was incoherent .
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