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2 From the President
Tending the Garden
The feature article in this edition of the torch highlights Jim Hinton , our new president and CEO . This is an exciting time for Baylor Scott & White Health . Despite strong headwinds in the industry , we strive to be steadfastly committed to offering something distinctive , something deeply good for our patients , something consistent with the needs of our time and our community .
In a fast-moving , complex health care environment , we aspire to be agents of change rather than the target for change . Every day we must make important decisions , taking into account not only the world as it is , but the world as it will be .
It ’ s almost springtime , and for the gardeners among us , that means weeding , fertilizing and finding new homes for root-bound plants . It also means digging our hands into earth , pruning overgrowth and planting seedlings . With Jim at the helm , he is looking at Baylor Scott & White through a new lens . Metaphorically , we are in many ways , being “ re-potted ” – a potentially healthy and productive exercise .
When Jim arrived on the scene he had done his homework . He had a good understanding of the health care arena and , where Baylor Scott & White fits within it . He is now asking himself and his teammates , “ If we could have the health system of our dreams and the impact we most desire , what would Baylor Scott & White look like in just a few years ? What must be accomplished in order for the vision to be achieved ?”
He spends a great deal of time listening , seeking input and communicating . This gives him an important window into his new team ’ s efforts , creativity , urgency , proficiency , team spirit and value to the enterprise . He actively looks throughout the system for good people who understand what needs to be done and have an understanding of how it should be done and by whom .
Successful people push themselves out of their comfort zones and , as a result , are constantly improving . Successful people embrace change .
Time to Repot
The secret to lifelong flourishing is pruning and re-potting ; that ’ s how you get new blooms . Jim is teaching us that everyone should have a plan for accomplishment . When that is achieved , you should be willing to start all over again . What ’ s next for you ? If you were to be “ re-potted ,” where would you spread your new roots ? What would you find most nourishing ?
Rowland K . Robinson President , Baylor Health Care System Foundation Rowland . Robinson @ BSWHealth . org
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