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and then watched them graduate . I ’ ve helped clients found new businesses , change careers , write books , spend a year abroad with their children and use their wealth to make great community impact . I think the most rewarding part of this role is helping people visualize , articulate and then achieve their goals and dreams . I always have said money is only a servant ; it ’ s not a master . Our job is to help maintain , grow and transition wealth so that it serves the client .
You ’ ve helped several clients make gifts to the Foundation , including one client who made a gift of $ 1 million to fund core patient components of the Arts in Medicine initiative at Baylor Dallas . Why is philanthropy one of your focuses with your clients ?
We consider giving to be one of life ’ s priorities . Whether it is transferring personal values to a new generation or transferring wealth to create community opportunities or solve social issues , it ’ s one of the great joys we get to witness . Helping clients use their wealth and wisdom to make an impact is part of planning for a great life .
What ’ s something that surprises people about you ?
I ’ m co-owner ( with my husband ) of Blue Rock Artist Ranch & Studio , a destination commercial recording studio in Wimberley , Texas . My title is “ Director of Hospitality and Celebrations ,” which means that I bake a lot of chocolate chip cookies and birthday cakes . It ’ s very different from my role as an advisor . Most of my professional work plans for events or possibilities that may be decades away . It only takes a few hours to bake a cake and share it !
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