the torch Fall 2016, Issue 3 - Page 13

PHYSICIAN PROFILE For as long as Scott Celinski, SCOTT CELINSKI, M.D. “My mom’s family has been in Dallas M.D., can remember, he wanted to forever. In fact, Dunston’s Steakhouse “I was always fascinated by anatomy grew up coming to Dallas to see her expand what we’re learning and make these therapies available to more be a physician. is my great uncle Gene’s restaurant. I and what made bodies work,” recalled family and visited the restaurant all Who is your hero? wait to finally be in the 7th grade when remembered Dr. Celinski. “The original entire life to support our family, and A native Texan, he received his anniversary party – my uncle Gene still to him. There were times he was Dr. Celinski. “I was the kid that couldn’t throughout my c h i l d h o o d ,” you got to dissect the frog.” location on Harry Hines just had a 60th medical degree from Baylor College works there five nights a week – and patients through multicenter trials. My dad. He worked very hard his we always knew we were important unemployed, and he’d work an of Medicine in Houston before leaving we were there to celebrate.” in general surgery at George kids never knew we were struggling. Washington University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Celinski then completed What differentiates Baylor from other health care organizations in the treatment of pancreatic cancer? fellowships in critical care at George Our commitment to research and Washington University, and both clinical trials. When the survival rate for great example for me, and I try to surgery at the University of Pittsburgh years, doing standard therapy is not “I knew I wanted to come back to Cancer Research and Treatment for its great reputation as a tertiary developing new therapies and making came to interview and saw not only trials are the way to really move things heard about, but a great culture, available for almost every pancreatic across the hospital,” said Dr. Celinksi. door. That’s not something you find the Lone Star State for his residency surgical oncology and hepatobiliary pancreatic cancer is 8 percent for five in Pittsburgh, Penn. good enough. Our goal at the Pancreas Texas and was interested in Baylor Center is to improve outcomes through and quaternary referral center. I inoperable cancers, operable. Clinical did it have the great reputation I’d forward, and we have a clinical trial people and abilities in service lines cancer patient that walks through the That was nearly six years ago, and he now serves as medical director of most places. Treatment Center at Baylor Charles Where would you like to see this research in five or 10 years? However, this move to Dallas was we’re working on show the results we the Pancreas Cancer Research and A. Sammons Cancer Center. not his first experience with the city. My hope is that the pilot studies assortment of jobs to make ends meet, and throughout all of that, the He worked incredibly hard and always managed to put family first. It was a replicate that with my own family. My wife, Laura, is amazing, and we try to make sure I’m able to see my 3-year- old daughter, Violet, every night before she goes to bed. In addition, our family is growing and we’ll be welcoming a new little one here in October. We aren’t finding out the gender, but Violet is really excited for a new brother or sister. What would people be surprised to learn about you? I’m a recreational beekeeper. I have two beehives in my backyard that I take care of and get a couple hundred pounds of honey from each year. think they will. If so, we’d be able to 13