the torch Fall 2016, Issue 3 - Page 10

BvB Dallas makes grant for research at Baylor AT&T Memory Center As the Dallas Cowboys began their pre-season games in August, another group of football players in the Big D competed in an important match up — the 9th Annual BvB Powder-Puff Football Game to Tackle Alzheimer’s. Hosted by BvB Dallas, the game pits Blondes against Brunettes as a fun way to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness and research. And for the second year, BvB selected the Baylor AT&T Memory Center as one of its beneficiaries. This year, BvB Dallas generously approach first-hand: two of her family members, one of whom recently passed away because of complications from Alzheimer’s, have been cared for at the AT&T Identifying patients in the early stages of AD increases the benefits from available treatments. “Baylor AT&T Memory Center was the perfect fit for our funding as its holistic approach to helping Alzheimer’s patients and families fits exactly with BvB’s mission,” said Greer Fulton, a BvB Dallas board member. Greer has seen Baylor’s “A blood or urine test would be less co-principal investigator of the study as it had been, we came to Baylor for an assessment,” Greer said. “Dr. Marshall, Dr. Eric Smernoff, and their team confirmed our fears — but did so with grace, support and comfort.” Currently, physicians can test for a lumbar puncture. Both tests are ( A D ). Research Institute. member’s memory wasn’t as sharp “When we noticed my other family and urinary biomarkers to detect dementia the Center of Metabolomics at Baylor invasive and likely more cost efficient,” Alzheimer’s by using PET imaging or A l z h e i m e r ’s investigator and Program Director for Memory Center. provided a $103,070 grant to support a study that aims to find novel blood Ph . D., the study’s principal examining cerebral spinal fluid from expensive and are often not covered by insurance. “We expect to find combinations of biomarkers in either blood or urine samples that are decreased or increased in concentration that will identify if a patient has Alzheimer’s dementia, or if the patient is in the early stages of memory impairment and will go on to develop Alzheimer’s dementia,” said Teodoro Bottiglieri, said Claudia R. Padilla, M.D., and Medical Director for Research, Baylor AT&T Memory Center. Over a period of 18 months, the study investigators plan to recruit 280 patients from the Baylor AT&T Memory Center to participate in the study. “We’re thrilled to have this project funded,” said Cindy Marshall, M.D., co-principal investigator and Medical Director of the Baylor AT&T Memory Center. “BvB Dallas has been a longtime supporter for Alzheimer’s research in the community, and we’re excited to collaborate with them.” For more information about the Baylor AT&T Memory Center, contact Tim Moore at 214.820.7877 or [email protected] BvB Dallas tackles Alzheimer's disease