The Texas Foodie Spring 2020 | Page 3

From the Editor H ey there foodies, welcome to the second edition of The Texas Foodie magazine. We’ve put together an- other edition of amazing people and places to fill your palate with mouth-watering dishes. What a great way to get started this first quarter of 2020. One of our goals is to seek out a few off the beaten path eateries you otherwise might not know about. Most of these people and places are in and around North Texas, however, we will be venturing out to find some of the best places in Texas. If you are foodies like we are, then you like to get out and take those short weekend trips to find new places. In many cases, it may just be a day trip to visit an antique shop or a well-known shopping destination. Or maybe you are visiting a family member. No matter the reason, we all have to eat. I enjoy trips to San Antonio and Austin on occasion, and when I’m there, I always try to find a local person to ask about restaurants that are not part of the main tourist areas. The ones the locals visit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy walking the Riverwalk and eating while sitting outside as the boats float by full of gazing visitors. But I also like to find the little mom and pop places in the city. Well, that’s kind of what we are doing here. Every small town in Texas has its favorite eateries. So, we hope we can shed some light on many places like that for you in North and East Texas. Many times we just tend to eat on the main street in town because it’s along our traveling route and easy to see. But finding the diamonds in the rough are not difficult at all. One of the things I like about Texas and its people is our friendliness and willingness to make small talk with our friends and neighbors. I’ve asked a convenience store clerk where I should eat and they are usually more than willing to throw out a few names and places. On a recent trip to Big Bend National Park, my wife and I befriended a resident in a small grocery store. He pointed us several directions of where we should go. We tried to eat at a different place every day, visiting landmarks along the way. So, sit back and relax and flip through the pages of this edition of The Texas Foodie magazine. Hopefully, we can point out a few fun places for you to try. And don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. We’d love to hear about some of your favorite eateries. And, who knows, maybe we’ll spotlight them in another edition of The Texas Foodie. Until next time, be safe on the road and share those foodie ideas. Facebook/TheTexasFoodie @TheTexasFoodie Texas Foodie The 519 N. Elm St. Palestine, TX 75801 903-729-0281 Copyright 2020 CNHI, LLC All rights reserved. ®Copyright: The Texas Foodie is published by CNHI, LLC. No portion may be reproduced in whole or in part by any means, including electronic retrieval systems, without written permission of the publisher. Editorial content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publishers of this magazine. Editorial and advertising does not constitute advice but is considered informative.