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Pot pullers, either electric or those with a gas engine, make quick work on hauling in heavy pots full of shrimp and are a must. Below, all of the needed ingredients for a good shrimp bait. Bottom, good bait should be thick and leach out to attract the shrimp. ONE OF THE MOST REVERED delicatessen dishes in the Pacific Northwest are fresh spot shrimp, a sweet shrimp with firm flesh that is often compared to lobster in taste. They are easy to catch and most fisheries have a daily limit large enough to allow for several meals. The shrimp also freeze well to be enjoyed later. And yes, they are often called spot prawns, but in reality they are the largest shrimp of the Pacific Ocean along the western coast of the United States and Canada. Biologically, shrimp and prawns differ slightly but for commercial purposes most companies use the term “prawn” to mean larger shrimp. Easily caught in pots or traps these shrimp often have a short fishing season with a day to day opener. This is because they are very popular and small areas can be fished out easily. For instance, the Discovery Bay Shrimp Area near Port Townsend on the northern end of Puget Sound in Washington state met it’s catch quota in just two days of recreational fishing. Other areas are open longer as they might have favorable currents or offer a larger area to fish. Most season’s run in spring to early summer 16 SALMON THE TAILOUT & STEELHEAD JOURNAL 38