The Spellery Issue 2 Vol 8 Oct 2016 | Page 2

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Page 5

Flight of the Crone

By Greyhouse Witch

Page 6

Themes & Sounds for Halloween Parties

By Lillee Allee

Page 12

The Art of Heather Gleason

Page 14

When in Doubt

By Hesperides Garden

Page 14

Learning & Living

By Hesperides Garden

Page 15

Theban Crypto - Quote

Page 16

Connecting to Spirits In Dreams

Eilfie Music Edwards

Page 18

A Ghost Story

By Elly Yule

Page 20

Pan - Lord of the Wild Things

By Lady Thriceborn

Page 22

My Ghost Story

By Maria T. Bornier

Page 24

Essential Oils & Uses

By Jade Sword

Page 26

A Ghost Story

By Becky Vasquez