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How many people would survive a sustained attack in the Muslim world since he and his fellow fighters to confront the West. by government entities and theTHE greater international PEOPLE AREdare THE JUSTICE community intended to systematically destroy one’s ACTING ASinAother JUDGE OFWhile A SUPERIOR I am neither COURT Muslim nor religious, but a life and credibility? How many people, non-practicing Christian Orthodox born in Euwords, could take on the international system and rope, raised in Romania and Germany and naturalwin? I know of only one: myself. The Last Man Standing Rule Our Native ized of Canadian at age 19, Law and agnostic by conviction, my views offended the sensibilities of Britain’s The ordeal started in 2009. While studying politicultural and political sentinels; sensibilities that I as cal philosophy onlineupdate at Oxford University, and a T he following from Judge Anna details why the apeople are the actualonline living justice of in theBritish univerCanadian taking courses few months later international relations and global Continental United States. The same basis of law can be used in other ‘countries’ but with different titles or sities from the comfort of my own home in Canada ordernames. at Leicester University, I stumbled Essentially under common law,upon whicha is derived from Natural Law, the individual is the highest form was under no obligation to adhere to, even if I had program of surveillance and censorship of the of justice, until they knowingly, willingly andacaintentionally assign that role to another. The de facto insurgent known I was expected to, is since my participademicjustice environment. coverteveryone program, I assigned system hasThis presumed haswhich lawfully themthat as adjudicators, but this presumptive and infide higher education wasfrom never intended has no evidence to support it; a fraud. As such when a realtion bona statement is made a living being,toit have named SAC (short for ‘surveillance and cenmassage British and Judeo-Christian egos but to dispels thecreated presumption lawfully activates their powers of justice within. sorship’), was by theand British government’s acquire knowledge. Home Office in 2005 under the auspices of CON- we detailed in the post Citizen’s Arrest of the Cabal - What You Need to Know | NOTICE – PUBLIC TEST,AsBritain’s counter-terrorism andMass counter-radORDER, there is no grey area here. Either we begin to take upcourse our creative powers ourselves The lecturers andand thepresent imbedded SACasagents icalization strategy, itself a 2003 product of governthe justice of the land, or we acquiesce to cabal rule. We each must educate ourselves on what our powers took issue with my views and accused me of breach ment “ingenuity”, but that in time and in fact had really are, and begin using them as a united force for change. of etiquette in order to expel me from Oxfor d and acquired ideological overtones because it had been prejudiced my tests and assignments in order to hijacked by radical Judeo-Christian elements to Judge Anna As such, when you go to use the documentation provides, you are literally signing as a judge of force me out of Leicester. wage the wardistrict on Islam and halt its spread in the United or commonwealth for your local area, see below for more information. Kingdom by depriving foreigners, and especially The entire of myhelps struggle to shut Muslims, of time, the right and freedom of nearly At this thereto is free morespeech fraud being revealed then any otherdocumentation time in history, which provide SAC the UK government to pay the basis forexpelling why the present systemfrom doesn’t work, and candown be used to and beginforce the education process for our conscience and any student unicompensation to all those who have fallen victim to fellows. Each sleeping soul on earth is acting versity who presented dissenting viewpoints or,astoagent for the cabal by proxy. As such, only through this is now at Wikispooks, knowledge and collective action can we end theprogram illegitimate cabalhoused rule on Earth. It is a greata webuse the wordingdissemination of the CONTEST document, who site administered by the British secret service. time to be a live, and if you’re reading these words, you are hearing the call! threatened Britain’s “shared values” and “commuMy vigorous defense of our expressional rights and nity cohesion”. - Justin by extension of the expressional rights of Muslims and other foreigners were not appreciated by racists In 2010, SAC was also adopted by the European Source - Scanned Retina and bigots back home in Canada who decided to Union and was about to be implemented throughretaliate. I could not have known or imagined that out Europe’s universities exposed it and Acting as when a judgeI of a superior court – the Last Man Standing Rule of our native Law the attack on me was orchestrated by the Christian forced the authorities, through a lawsuit atJudge the EuAnna von Reitz, Alaska community, more exactly by the Knights of Columropean Court of Human Rights (ECHR) followed bus, to which my father-in-law belongs, and by the On Aprhunger 21, 2015:strike at the Council of Europe by a 30-day local Opus Dei chapter, one of only eighteen such in Strasbourg, France, to shut it down. chapters in all of Canada. OpusofDei, for those who Living Americans inhabit their DO NOT “reside” in any “State State” I came in conflict withnaturally the imbedded SACbirthright agents atestate and concocted by the Federal United States or any incorporated have entitynever at all. heard of them before, is a radical CathoOxford and Leicester primarily because I criticized lic group that, as it turns out, wages a dirty war on British policies and argued that we are in the midst Each of us who were born on the land can reclaim their birth rightinestate and theWest land jurisdiction Islam order tooperate keep the Christian. of a clash of civilizations between the West and Iscourts, legislatures, and executive branch of government on the land under the Last Man Standing Rule of our lam, just as Samuel B. Huntington had predicted in native Law. At that time, I assumed the governments of the UK a 1992 lecture that later became a famous book, and and Canada were the retaliating parties, the Canaalso because I suggested Osama Laden’s the Al Public Order, Yes, as I said — if youthat can read andBin understand were born on the land of one of the dian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was the Qaeda enjoys wide tacit and even explicit support coordinating agency, and the Kingston Police Force TheSovereignVoice.Org TheSovereignVoice.Org