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is provided by a licensed therapist and assistant under doctor ' s orders .
Please contact the agency at 641-682- 5434 if you have any other questions .
Wapello County Public Health — Homemaker services Wapello County residents are eligible for homemaker services based on a sliding fee scale . The sliding fee scale is based on income , assets , medical expenses and number of individuals living in the residence . The client must be safe in home between agency visits to be considered eligible for services .
The agency does not duplicate services provided by other providers or agencies . Services may include light housekeeping ( not deep cleaning ), laundry , grocery shopping ( at nearest store ), meal preparation , etc .
The service does not provide pet care or cleanup after multiple people living in the same residence . The care is for the agency client only .
These services are provided by grant funds received from Iowa Department of Public Health .
Wapello County Public Health — Bath Program Services are provided to those persons needing any type of assistance with personal care . This includes stand-by assistance as well as hands on care . This program requires a physicians order .
Mental Health and Disabilities Services Mental Health and Disability Services ( MHDS ) funds , supports and provides services for individuals with qualifying diagnosis or disabilities in an effort to provide quality of life in the least restrictive environment .
MHDS is responsible for managing the funding for services to people with :
• Intellectual disabilities
• Mental illness
• Developmental disabilities , or brain injury .
Applicants can complete a South Central Behavioral Health Community Services application either online or in person at 110 E . Main St ., Ottumwa , Iowa 52501 . Mental Health and Disabilities Services Contact information : Jennifer Robbins , community services director , 110 E . Main St ., Ottumwa , Iowa 52501 ; office phone 641-683-4576 ; cellphone : 641-799-5436 ; fax number 641-683-8370 .
South Central Behavioral Health Region In 2013 , Appanoose , Davis and Wapello counties joined together to become South Central Behaviroal Health Region . The repion provides local services and has local offices in Appanoose , Davis nand Wapello counties . A community services directior , regional social worker and jail alternatives counselor are available to assist with funding , care coordination and referrals to mental health services . Jennifer Robbins is the chief executive officer . South Central Behavioral Health Region Governing Board Members :
Ron Bride , Davis County , chair Jerry Parker , Wapello County , vice chair Steve Wanders , Mahaska County Linda Demry , Appanoose County
Jail Alternatives Program The South Central Behavioral Health Region ( Appanoose , Davis , Mahaska and Wapello Counties ) Jail Alternatives Program mission is to provide an opportunity for treatment services to individuals with mental health and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders who have come into contact with the criminal justice system . The program works to connect individuals to the appropriate level of community-based treatment for their mental health and co-occurring needs in hopes of improving their overall quality of life and reducing their involvement in the criminal justice system .
To qualify for the Jail Alternatives Program a person must meet the following requirements :
• 18 years or older .
• South Central Behavioral Health jail inmate
• Voluntary agreement to participate in the program .
• An Axis I mental health diagnosis .
• Other diagnoses can be considered on a case by case basis .
• Legal eligibility : Based on collaboration between the county attorney , defense attorney , Jail Alternatives staff , probation / parole officer and the judge .
Potential Community Services Connections 1 . Mental health services 2 . Substance abuse services 3 . Medication assistance 4 . Crisis intervention 5 . Vocational rehabilitation 6 . MHDS case management 7 . Residential care facilities 8 . Supportive community living services 9 . Transitional housing 10 . Integrated Health Home
Contact : Latisha Vannoy , latisha . vannoy @ scbhr . net , phone : 641-814-8332 , ext . 344 .
Victim Resources
Family Crisis Center 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline is 800-464-8340 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis hotline is 800-270-1620 Email : help @ familycrisiscenteriowa . org Crime Victim Division 1014 N Elm St ., Ottumwa , IA 52501 641-682-1200 https :// familycrisiscenteriowa . org /
The Crisis Center provides The Crisis Center & Women ’ s Shelter supports survivors of domestic violence through advocacy , education and collaboration with community service providers to help survivors achieve their goals , become self-sufficient and obtain temporary or permanent safe housing . The center provides comprehensive domestic abuse services to 12 counties in the region , including Wapello County .
Advocates work closely with the Department of Human Services , substance abuse agencies , mental health providers and community-based organizations and have
prevention activities to reduce domestic abuse .
Advocates provide presentations to church and civic groups to provide awareness and work with health care professionals to identify victims . All services are available in English and Spanish .
The Crisis Center provides signs for men and women in an abusive relationship :
• Feel afraid of your partner much of the time ?
• Avoid certain topics out of fear of angering your partner ?
• Believe that you deserve to be hurt or mistreated ?
• Wonder if you ’ re the one who is crazy ?
• Feel emotionally numb or helpless ?
Questions on Belittling Behavior :
• Humiliate or yell at you ?
• Criticize you and put you down when alone or around friends and family ?
• Treat you so badly that you ’ re embarrassed for your friends or family to see ?
• Ignore or put down your opinions or accomplishments ?
• Blame you for their own abusive behavior ?
• See you as property or a sex object , rather than as a person ?
• Have a bad and unpredictable temper ?
On Violent Behavior or Threats :
• Hurt you or threaten to hurt or kill you ?
• Threaten to take your children away or harm them ?
• Threaten to commit suicide if you leave ?
• Force you to have sex ?
• Destroy your belongings ?
• Hit , slap , pinch or in any other physical manner hurt you ?
On Controlling Behavior :
• Act excessively jealous and possessive ?
• Control where you go or what you do ?
• Keep you from seeing your friends or family ?
• Limit your access to money , the phone or the car ?
• Constantly check up on you ?
The 24-hour crisis provides :
24 Hour Crisis Line Support , empowerment and referral information from someone who really listens and cares .
Individual Counseling and Support Groups Short-term counseling , advocacy and support groups for victims and survivors of Domestic Violence .
Community Education and Training Prevention programs for students , civic groups , law enforcement , medical personnel and county attorneys .
Outreach Services Staff are available in 12 counties — Appanoose , Davis , Jasper , Jefferson , Lucas , Mahaska , Marion , Monroe , Poweshiek , Wapello and Wayne counties . Advocates in these counties provide support groups , individual counseling , legal and court advocacy , housing advocacy and DHS advocacy .
Child Services / Child Abuse or Dependent Abuse CASA — Court Appointed Special Advocate / Foster Care Review Board Program
CASA program recruits , trains and supports community volunteer advocates to serve to speak up for children ’ s best interests . The CASA program is instrumental in strengthening efforts to ensure that each child is living in a safe , permanent and nurturing home . The CASA volunteer is typically assigned one case at a time and does a variety of things to promote the child ' s best interests : investigation , assessment , advocacy , and monitoring .
CASA Office is located in City Hall , Suite 301 105 E . Third St ., Ottumwa , Iowa 52501 . City Hall is adjacent to Central Park , directly across from the Ottumwa Public Library . City Hall may be accessed from either Third Street or Fourth Street . Parking on the street is limited to one hour . Three-hour parking is available at the city parking lot located behind the former First United Methodist Church .
Contact is CASA / FCRB Coordinator Cara Galloway Phone : 641-683-9474 Email : cara . galloway @ dia . ia . gov
Iowa ’ s Citizen Foster Care Review Boards ( ICFCRB or FCRB ) provide independent third-party citizen review of cases in the foster care system . A total of 27 local boards meet monthly or bi-monthly to review the status of children who have been removed from their parents . These boards provide to the Court and other system officials advisory recommendations of what is in the children ’ s best interests .
Child Abuse or Dependent Abuse Call the Iowa Department of Human Services at 800-362-2178 . IowaVine is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding their offender ’ s custody status and register to receive telephone and email notifications when the offender ’ s custody status changes . The IowaVine toll-free number is 1-888-742- 8463 .
Crime Victim Compensation Program A resource for people who have suffered personal , physical or emotional injury from a violent crime . The program helps with certain out-of pocket expenses resulting from the crime . It can also help victims find other resources to meet their crime-related needs .
Phone : 515-281-5044 or 1-800-373-5044 Office of the Attorney General of Iowa Crime Victim Assistance Division Lucas State Office Building 321 E . 12th St . Des Moines , IA 50319 FAX : 515-281-8199 https :// www . iowaattorneygeneral . gov / about-us / divisions / crime-victim-assistance Other contacts : jennifer . robbins @ scbhr . net mandy . ebelsheiser @ scbhr . net drew . skinner @ scbhr . net karen . wilcoxson @ scbhr . net latisha . murray @ scbhr . net miranda . tucker @ scbhr . net Hours : 8 a . m . to 4:30 p . m . Monday through Friday
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