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Wapello County Human Services 120 E Main St , Ottumwa , IA 52501 P . O . Box 457 ( 641 ) 682-8793 Fax : 641-564-4157 Email : CWapel01 @ dhs . state . ia . us
Family Investment Program ( FIP ) FIP provides cash assistance to needy families as they become self-supporting so children may be cared for in their own homes or in the homes of relatives . The goal of FIP is leave poverty and become self-supporting . FIP is available to one-parent and two-parent families and to relatives caring for children whose parents are not in the home . FIP payments are based on the size of your family and your family ’ s income . Contact local DHS office for details , or visit https :// dhs . iowa . gov / cash-assistance .
Food Assistance The goal of the Iowa DHS Food Assistance program is to provide assistance in purchasing food . To see if you are eligible for food assistance go to www . dhs . iowa . gov / how-to-apply . There are a few guidelines to qualifying for food assistance :
• Must meet income eligibility
• Be a U . S . citizen , children of U . S . citizenship can apply even if their parents / guardians are not U . S . citizens .
General Assistance Wapello County Mandated by Code of Iowa , Section 252.25 , a Wapello County resident will receive relief where needed . A Wapello County resident qualifies for emergency payments and / or vouchers to needy and poor people in need of immediate assistance or people who cannot obtain assistance from any other source . Assistance may be provided to an individual that has income or benefits delayed from a state / federal program or not actually received because of reasons not attributable to the person , and who does not have liquid assets of the family unit to pay for the items of assistance that can be provided .
To qualify a person must :
• Be a resident of Wapello County
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Meet current income and resource guidelines
For more information , contact Jennifer Robbins at 641-683-457 or visit the office at 102 E . Main St . Ottumwa , Iowa 52501 .
Farmers Market The IDHS wireless EBT project provides wireless point-of-sale machines to qualified vendors to enable vendors at local farmers markets to accept EBT food assistance cards of Mastercard , Visa or Discover . This allows more income Iowans increased access to locally grown , farmfresh food .
Buy . Eat . Live Healthy Buy . Eat . Live Healthy is a free program offered by Iowa State Extension and Outreach for low-income families that help parents provide nutritious food for their families , leading to healthy children and strong families . The program works with pregnant teens and families with children age 18 or younger . Program staff meet with participants one-on-one and in small groups . The sessions include
cooking , physical activity , discussion , and goal setting .
Participants learn the different concepts of a healthy lifestyle . To learn more , visit https :// www . extension . iastate . edu / humansciences / nutrition-education
Wapello County Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center , 330 W . Second St ., Ottumwa , IA Emergency Management is responsible for a wide range of activities which include developing , maintaining and exercising the disaster plans for Wapello County , providing training to local first responders and citizens , implement mitigation strategies to lessen the effects of disaster , prepare for the long-term recovery process that follows a disaster , maintain the county emergency operations center ( EOC ), and manage the EOC when activated to provide an effective coordinated response to emergency situations . To learn more visit https :// wapellocounty . org / departments / emergencymanagement / faq /
School Food Program The National School Lunch Program ( NSLP ) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential child care institutions . It provides nutritionally balanced , low-cost or free lunches to children each school day . The program was established under the National School Lunch Act , signed by President Harry Truman in 1946 . To qualify , children ’ s parents must meet income guidelines , receive food assistance , be migrant , homeless or foster children . For more information or to apply , contact your child ’ s local school . For more information , visit https :// www . fns . usda . gov / nslp .
WIC ( Women , Infants and Children ) WIC is a registered service mark of the U . S . Department of Agriculture for USDA ' s Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women , Infants and Children . The official WIC program is available to lowto moderate-income pregnant women , recently delivered women , breastfeeding women , infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk . Fathers can also bring their children to apply for WIC . You may apply for WIC if you are working or unemployed . Check the Income Guidelines Table to see if you are eligible for WIC . WIC is administered by Iowa Department of Public Health . Ottumwa ’ s WIC is located at 333 Church St . Ottumwa , Iowa 52501 . The local number is 641-682- 8784 . For information about WIC , visit the IDPH website at https :// www . wicprograms . org / co / ia-wapello .
Child Care Assistance Child Care Assistance ( CCA ) is available to the children of income-eligible parents who are absent for a portion of the day due to employment or participation in academic or vocational training or PROMISE JOBS activities . Assistance may also be available for a limited period of time to the children of a parent looking for employment . Child care services for a child with protective needs are provided without regard to income . To receive protective child care services , the family must
meet specific requirements , and child care must be identified in the child ' s case permanency plan as a necessary service . To get most of our services , you must fill out an application form . You can apply for the Child Care Assistance ( CCA ) program online at https :// dhs . iowa . gov / child-care where you can apply , access forms and rules , and search for a child care provider .
State Supplementary Assistance State Supplementary Assistance ( SSA ) is a fully state-funded program that was designed to meet the additional special needs of the aged , blind , and mentally and physically challenged people not met by the standard benefit rate paid by Supplemental Security Income ( SSI ). Iowa ' s SSA program covers six categories of special needs :
• Blind allowance
• Dependent Person allowance
• Family Life Home assistance
• In-Home Health-Related Care assistance
• Residential Care Facility assistance
• Supplement for Medicare and Medicaid Eligibles
Income restrictions apply . For more information , visit https :// dhs . iowa . gov / ime / members / medicaid-a-to-z / state-supplementary-assistance
Medicaid Medicaid is an assistance program that provides health coverage to Americans , including eligible low-income adults , children , pregnant women , elderly adults and people with disabilities . Medicaid is administered by states , according to federal requirements . The program is funded jointly by the states and the federal government . For information , visit https :// www . medicaid . gov / medicaid / access-to-care / index . html
Medicare Medicare is the federal government program that provides health care coverage ( health insurance ) if you are age 65-plus , under 65 and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance ( SSDI ) for a certain amount of time , or under 65 and with End-Stage Renal Disease ( ESRD ). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ( CMS ) is the federal agency that runs Medicare . The program is funded in part by Social Security and Medicare taxes you pay on your income , in part through premiums that people with Medicare pay , and in part by the federal budget .
For more information , visit https :// www . medicareinteractive . org / are-you-new-tomedicare
Wapello County Public Health Wapello County Building 108 E Main St . Ottumwa , IA 52501 Phone : 641-682-5434 Fax : 641-682-2245 Hours : 8 a . m . to 4:30 p . m . Monday through Friday
The Mission of Wapello County Public Health is to promote , preserve and protect the health and environmental wellbeing of all Wapello County residents . Wapello County Public Health is a
Medicare-certified home health agency that provides public health services within Wapello County .
The agency is nondiscriminatory regarding race , color , national origin , religion , sex , age or handicap .
Programs and policies are consistent with federal , state laws and regulations . Services are provided by registered nurses , licensed physical therapist , physical therapy assistant and homemaker home health aides .
The agency provides :
• Health education in-services
• Child immunizations
• Skilled nursing
• Physical therapy
• Homemaker home health aide visits
• Communicable disease follow-up
• Immunization card audits in schools and daycares
The agency works very closely with the emergency manager in emergency preparedness related to disease outbreaks . Visit https :// wapellocounty . org / departments / public-health / for immunization requirements and privacy practices .
Wapello County Public Health — Youth Vaccinations Children ’ s immunizations are by appointment by clicking reserving a time at https :// login . nowaitinside . com / booking / zuZm3O8oBeLt3dhfZJycu5AA or calling 641-682-5434 . Due to the COVID-19 the agency requires any children 2 years and older must have a mask on at all times . Only one adult may accompany the children . A pre-screening will be done prior to services rendered . The agency has a right to reschedule the appointment if any are sick or if the agency becomes overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases to follow up on .
There is a $ 10 recommended donation .
The following vaccines are offered : Polio ; Human Papillomavirus ( HPV ); Hepatitis B ; Men B
Varicella ( Chicken Pox ); Pneumonia ; MMR ; Hepatitis A ; Dtap ; Tdap ; Meningococcal ( Meningitis ); Hib ; and Flu ( Influenza ) * Seasonal .
Wapello County Public Health — Nurse and Public Health Wapello County Public Health is a Medicare -ertified agency . This program is directed by physicians who must have an Iowa license . Medicare rules do not allow agencies to accept orders from nurse practitioners . The agency has registered nurses and home care aides to provide the service . Wapello County Public Health is able to bill Medicare , Medicaid , VA , Blue Cross / Blue Shield , United Health Care and others . Slide fee scale available when client ’ s services do not meet the billing requirements . The agency will no longer accept HUMANA Insurance due to difficulty in receiving payment .
Medicare will cover acute skilled nursing services , not chronic care . Most clients are on billable services for only 60 days . Exceptions may occur as long as it meets the billing guidelines . Physical therapy
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