The Soultown! Volume III: Issue 10 OCTOBER 2019 - Page 25

BIG Q! He’s Not The One For You! Dear Big Q, Why do men waste so much of a woman’s time? Why do men play so many games? Why can’t men just be honest about what they want? Why don’t men already know what they want? Help! ~ Sick & Tired (Redwood City, CA) Dear Sick & Tired, Hold on now sweetheart. Sounds to me like you trying to blame men for every bad thing that has ever happened to you in life. For starters, you have to change that attitude if you want to have a successful relationship with the opposite sex. I do understand that there are many men out here that play games with women and take their love for granted. But there are still some good men that are out here looking for their soul mate. You might want to be careful that you don’t scare that man away once you encounter him. Sometimes women get this “all men are worthless” mentality and end up letting the good ones get away because of their negative attitudes. If a man wasted your time, played games with you heart, or lied to you repeatedly, then that man was simply not the one for you. But please don’t forget that your husband is still out there waiting to meet you. Just do both of us a favor and stop putting all men in one category. Keep a positive attitude and open your heart to someone who you feel that you are compatible with. No man is perfect, so all you can do is be patient and wait for the man that is a good JUMP FROM PAGE 25 when I would stop using it the acne would worsen. As I got older it faded away, but I also paid more attention to my skin and started reading ingredients. I know that I have combination skin, which means sometimes it’s dry and other times it’s oily. Because of this, I make sure I use a fit for you. Goodluck Ms. Lady. ~ Big Q --------------------------------- Dear Big Q, My mother doesn’t agree with how my wife and I are dividing the house chores. My wife doesn’t cook and hates doing laundry, so I take on those duties, however she will empty the trash and clean the bathroom. Do you believe in gender roles? ~ Equal, but Unequal Redwood City, CA Dear Equal, but Unequal, Let me start off by telling you that I love my momma from the bottom of my heart bro, but one thing I try not to do is get her involved in my relationships. Not only have you managed to do this, but you have gotten her involved in your marriage. Now come on man, you know better than that. Usually this never turns out well at all. Bottom line is that it’s really not your mother’s business about what goes on in your marriage. Now please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying to you about this situation. I do think that you can go to your mom for advice or a person to vent to, but you must be careful that you don’t cause conflict between your wife and your mom. Because once your wife and mom don’t like each other you got even more problems on your hands than who is cooking and doing laundry. To answer your question, no I don’t lightweight moisturizer after my face is washed. Of course, as the day goes on I am super oily, but I use blotting pads, and matte foundation to help with the excessive shine. Pay attention to your skin and find out what kind you have. Also witch hazel is perfect for removing any scars or dark marks. A great routine you should try is a soap BIG Q Male Advice Columnist ----------------------------------------------- Learn more about Big Q’s advice at Email Me: believe in gender roles, but what I do believe in is a husband and wife sharing the responsibilities around the house. What those responsibilities are really don’t matter to me as long as the couple is working together and they agree on the arrangement. In your situation I don’t really think it’s you that has a problem with cooking and doing laundry, I think it’s your mom. So my advice to you would be to continue doing what you have been doing and keep your mom out of the situation before you cause your wife and mom to fall out about you. Good luck bro. ~ Big Q , --------------------------------- Learn more about Big Q’s advice at http:// (something not too harsh, and unscented, and a lightweight moisturizer. Wash your face twice a day, and be consistent. Occasionally try a mask as well. My favorite is the Bentonite Aztec Clay. All you have to do is add apple cider vinegar, and you are good to go. ~ Queen Gabby , Oct. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 25