The Soultown! Volume III: Issue 10 OCTOBER 2019 - Page 24

DEAR GABBY Get In the Car and Go! DEAR GABBY Female Advice Columnist ----------------------------------------------- Learn more about Queen Gabby’s advice at Email Me: Dear Gabby, I am not ashamed to admit it, but I have a low, short haircut and my man has long dreads. When we go out, it takes him a lot longer than it takes me. He blames it on his locs. I would not be seeking advice if it was not excessive. I am not jealous and I love his swag, but is there a way I can help him decrease his prep time? ~ Short & Sass Waterloo, IA Dear Short & Sassy, Dreads are easy, there should be no reason he is not ready first. Take it from someone who has dated men with the same hairstyle. Locs are simple, especially if they have already been retwisted. All he has to do is get up, shake them out, and go! You could be dealing with a perfectionist, but name the last time you dated a man who took longer than you to get ready ... I’ll wait. Let him know that he takes too long, and maybe give him time to be ready that is an hour before he needs to be. Also, you could be proactive by having all his stuff set out, therefore it’s all right there and accessible to him. I hate it when a man moves slow. If you want to be petty ... wait until he has an important event to go to, and take your sweet time getting ready. He could just need a taste of his own medicine. If you want to be extremely petty ... LEAVE HIM! Yep, get in the car and go. Be on your time, not his. ~ Gabby ------------------------------------- Dear Gabby, This blind date life is for the birds. I went out to a club and this clingy guy appeared as if he had on eyeliner and kept calling me ‘gyrl’. I don’t want to make any assumptions, but what’s the best line I can use to remove myself from an uncomfortable situation? ~ IJS Davenport, IA Dear IJS, Okay, wait…he had on eyeliner sis? Did he keep calling you gyrl? RUN! Don’t even search for the right words just haul a**. We are living in different times, and it’s hard to find a manly man. I am on the dating scene now, and I am more honest than what I use to be. Honestly, I would look at him like there was something on his face and say “what is that?” Once he tries to figure it out, ask if it’s eyeliner. I don’t think he would take offense to it. I mean if he wears it he’d want to make sure it is not running. If it’s not eyeliner then ask yourself, do I want to be with a man whose eyes are prettier than mine? I would think not, but hey whatever floats your boat. Language is big for me. If a man is using terms that my homegirls use as well, that’s a red flag. As far as the eyeliner… you stumped me with that lol! Maybe he does broadway and didn’t have time to wash the makeup off. Maybe he’s bisexual. Maybe he wanted to create some depth to his eyes. Truth is … we may never know, so run before you wake up one morning and he’s using your pencil. ~ Gabby ------------------------------------- Dear Gabby, My auntie got me an IPSY subscription last Christmas. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for $12 per month which provides subscribers with a makeup bag of five deluxe cosmetics samples. The products include skincare items, perfumes, nail and skin products, and makeup. I love it and want to pay it forward to a friend girl. What is a decent trial period -- as a gift -- that doesn’t make me look cheap? ~ Ms. Giver Las Vegas, NV Dear Ms. Giver, Hey girl, I love IPSY! Love it so much that I upgraded mine. The way that it’s setup makes it easy for me to answer this question. IPSY allows you to pay for 3 months. It’s only $30, and that allows your friend time to figure out if this is something she wants to continue or not. If she’s into makeup, skincare, or even hair care, then I am sure she will love it. The price is not expensive at all, and she gets a surprise every month. Good idea, I think you should go for it. Do make sure you remove your card information right after your purchase because they will automatically bill you for the next three months. Paying it forward is always a nice gesture, just in time for Christmas. ~ Gabby ------------------------------------- Dear Gabby, I have always had problems with my acne. In school, they called me Rocky Road. I do not have delicate skin or eczema, but I’m not that consistent with cleaning products. Your skin looks clear and blemish-free. Can you suggest a sista? Thank you, Queen. ~ Bad Acne Mountain View, CA Dear Bad Acne. Girl, I had the worst acne in high school. I know it’s uncomfortable because it was for me. When Proactive first came out I used that, but I noticed JUMP TO PAGE 25 Oct. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 24