The Soultown! Volume III: Issue 10 OCTOBER 2019 - Page 11

LEAVE IT ALL UP TO STEVE Well, Go Fund Yourself! Hey Steve, A GoFundMe page was launched to help “Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells -- Mary Ann with medical and tax bills. I couldn’t believe it. Every time you look around, someone is asking for money. This Go Fund Me craze is driving me crazy! Steve, what makes sense for us to fund? Certainly not a celebrity’s bank account. ~ Go Fund Yourself! (Las Vegas, NV) Well Go Fund Yourself!, I get it! It does seem like GoFundMe has become the new hustle of donation solicitation. While it is unfortunate that you have people who lie and scam the system, there are so many people who do not. This form of funding has allowed people to connect beyond their circles for help in dire times. We have to remember that celebrity does not mean financially secure, stable or even rich. Medical expenses are one of the top causes of financial collapse, even for those we think are “well-off.” Like anything else, we have to research what we give our money. Let your heart and mind engage in your donation choices. If you are only led by one of those, you will often make a poor decision. I hope this helps! Holla at your boy and remember to just Ask Steve! ~ Steve ------------------------------------------ Hey Steve, The editor suggested I ask Big Q or Queen Gabby, but I’m asking you. I met this guy and we both are attracted to each other. After a few phone calls, I find out he’s 20 years younger than me. We are still dating but I can’t help thinking about the age difference. In your opinion, is he too young for me? Actually, I think my question is am I too old for him? ~ I Am No Cougar! (Las Vegas, NV) best life and teach that young buck a couple of things! Circle back and let me know what happens, I want to know. If you need me, I’m right here waiting on you to Ask Steve! ~ Steve I am Steve, from Leave It All Up To Steve with The Soultown Magazine. I’d like to thank you for being so compassionate toward others. I’m here if you have any other questions - just Leave it All Up to Steve! , Email Me: Dear, I Am No Cougar! I am kind of torn on this one. While I think that age really is nothing but a number, I also agree that where a person is in life matters. Now if you are just dating, having fun and enjoying some good sex, I say GO FOR IT. You should enjoy yourself especially if he is just as into you as you him. Now if you are looking for a serious committed relationship, I say PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Twenty years is not only a difference in age but in most cases, mindset, experiences, exposure, financial status, and stability. I am not saying that it cannot work, I am just saying that you will need to be open, honest and realistic. In the meantime, live your Oct. 2019 • The Soultown International Magazine • Celebrating 2 years • Connecting Our Cultures to Our Cyber & Conscious Communities • 11