The Sisterhood April 2017 - Page 6

Strategic Society defines sisterhood Staff Report At LS Vaughn Delights we honor sisterhood The Kingdom Visionary Strategic Soci- ety takes sisterhood to a higher level. Founder and CEO, Geralda Larkins’ vision includes helping women embrace their inner power and use scriptural principles to excel in the workplace. Entrepreneur- ship is strongly encouraged. Larkins uses her strategic planning and organizational skills to help the women with whom she works get clear about what they’re doing and the most effective approach to mani- fest their vision. She and a few of her cli- ents shared with us their ideas of sister- hood. ciation, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. The Kingdom Visionary Strategic So- ciety is advancing sisterhood in the area of business and entrepreneurship, cultivating unity in a competitive marketplace and in- salutes our very own ™ little reminder of God’s massive uncondi- tional love. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact in a sister’s life. With faith a like a small mustard seed, the smallest spark can set a great big for- est fire! #SmallBite #BigDelight – Lynnette Vaughn, CEO LS Vaughn Delights am committed to more than just business, plus for me is having the unique opportu- nity to capture the beauty and essence of my fellow sister’s vision. – M. Denise Sim- mons, MD Simmons Productions It is the epitome of love, peace, respect Strategic Society is a vision from heaven. and honor. It’s an unbreakable bond that Each woman uniquely conforming to the binds us together through authentic con- image of Christ while yet joined to a larg- nection and collaboration. Sisterhood is a er collective mission of Y[[8&\][H^[\H]Z\ܜ^H[\X]KB\\[XY\H\[Hق^HZ\[ۈ\H\H\\]\™[\Y[Y[[x&[HY[[XZ܂K[ ܘXH[\[Y[K] B\[Z]YXZ[[[\ܚ[›\\\[[][]Y\x&\HYZY\K\ܝ YYH[YۙH[\]]\]][ۈ܈KB\\ۋH[H^H\\&\Y\\H8$Y\B[Z\K\ܘ][ۈYHX[SH[YHو\[ۈ\]Y[Y][\\\\[HX[]HYBYK^H\\\XHZYۚ]H] \H]\Y^K^H\\[XHX\][KB\\܈YH\[\\Y[ HH]]XܘXH[ۙY[K[Z[YHHH[H[H\Y][H\[[\\Y ][][[X]\HH\H[HHH\H\[Z[K\H\[][]B\\YY[\ [\[H\Bۈ^HYK\\\[\][ۈ[[\YR[\Q[\\$T]ۈKYHX[S\Y[][]T]ۈBHTTHS M‘Z][[ZۛYH^H[[Y[B[\[HۙܙY[&HX[]H^ B[ ]8&\X]Z[[[][ۜ\ˈHXZ܂\[]\[[¸&\\‘[XY[ܘ[K&B'x&]H\[X[H[]]YH\]ق\[\[[\[]\\[\\ 8'H\[^Z[Y 8']8&\X]KB[\˸'BH]YX[[[HX\]XKBܞH[XY\\\[[\قHܛوH\\[Z]Yš]ۙܙY][ۈ[\\[\B]\]\[]Y[[]ۙܙY[&B^[Y^Hو[[˂\\[[ݙHHY\[[Z[[Hܙ]H\[HوHX[]Bؘ[XZK]\\\\ \HH\[ܙZ[YXX\[Y[X\وH\ ܛH]™ܛY\][ۈ]H\XܙX][ۈ[\]\[[[K]\[B][ۈ]H]ܙY۝]ݙ\L ܈H[YYوH]HXXH[B\[[\\\ˈ\\YB\[HZ[\Y\ܙX]\[][\HوYܝ'\\8'HYH[\HYX[[Z[K[\[ۘ\H]Y\[[\[KB\[ΈY[قX[H^X] [X[\ۙ\]\ٞHH[ \\B\[[ٛܛX][ۈY\\] B[H\[Hܛ 8$\[H\B܈\Xۚ][ۈ[]H\]^\XYH]HYHق'\\8'H[\[\]HZ[BHY[\8'\\8'H\[\BTTHш VUHSQTK“Y[X\وH]YXY]BH[[[H]\ݙ\\X[TSHTS\[ۘ\H]Y\][H[X[\X\œ[\وXK HܝXH\[KS”X[PHYY\Y]BTTHш VUHSQTKHZX[H[\[HY]܈ٙYK][ZHXۋBX[][Y[ \[H\[™[Z[[H^Y\[Yܝ\\\XH]\[Z[[\K]\›\\HX\]\ܚ\HKB[ۘ\H]Y\\X\Y\[ B[Y[]HZ\][H\KY\X[\HHو\XX][ۋ\[YYH]YY]H\ۂZ[H\\ YY][[[]\XYH[ܙX\[HX\]H]]H[[[\ۈHZ\[ۈ][B\][\][H\H8$ܙ[^B[YZ[\][ۈ[]YX[[¸$[X\[H[Y[\\ܛX[8'H x'H\\[[[\]HY\[ݙ\Y[ \[H\[ۜ[[\ܛHZY 8'HB][][ۈ]^HY[H\Y] BYx'H\^H؋8'YHH]BYH\HY[^H]HH\Y˜Y[H\[K'BH\\Y\[[[\'ۘH[Hۛ [Hۛ[\[]\[[[H8$[\š[\XK8'H\[\Y \ۈ\[\]YXY]K\['[X]܈وZ][HX\]XK'B\\Yو[HY[\[ZY^x&\H8'[\]YH[Z\ۈY ] B\H[XܚXHHX]H\[ۂوY[[8&\[H]\]\K\[Hܛ 'HHܛ\[Y\X\Yۙ\YHX\Y[X\ܘ\\\[ۈۜ[[][[\[]\\˂[[X][KH[HY[B'\X[][H\[ۈ[H\]X[K[[\X\  H[[]\BY[ۙH[YH] 'B\\X[[Y\\[[™][][Y[Z[[Y \B]X[[XX[[][Z\\[\\[X^[Z^HZ\B[X[ \[&H^][ ^[ۙB\K\Y[Y܈\[ BHH]Hܘ[[\[[\ܝ  LLܘ[[\]H[[KBH[\ˈ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ\]\[S\[˘KY\\H]۝X\][\\]XY˘B^HX\X][\Y\\[[ۜ˂HTTHS M