The Sisterhood April 2017 - Page 4

PUBLISHER’S MESSAGE Women and Wealth Do Better because they wanted change. Sisterhood begins wit h us Yet, we have access to tons of infor- MICHELLE@SISTERHOODNEWSMAG.COM mation at our fingertips and we’re still @@SISTERHOODPUB As we enter our ninth edition, it has become increasingly apparent that the quality of sisterhood – the collective energy between women - begins at the individual level. The way we love ourselves informs how we love our sisters. Our level of self-respect fuels the way we respect each other. When we take our own dreams and goals seriously, our interest in seeing other women achieve theirs is genuinely enhanced. Sisterhood is a gift and women who rec- ognize that truth are blessed with con- nections to other women reflective of that awareness. Over the past several months, we have brought you stories about women who rec- ognize their purpose and are busy living it. While involved in various professions and passions, what they all have in common is an allegiance to discovering that thing with their name on it. The thing they, and only they, were born to complete. They un- derstand their life is not a dress rehearsal and common nuisances like fear, doubt and worry are merely surmountable, char- acter-building hurdles. Another fascinating aspect of sisterhood that has become even more apparent is that the desire to be our sisters’ keeper is innate, but requires cultivation. (It ac- tually requires far more energy to have a contrary relationship.) Ashley and Erica Eu- banks help sisters maintain their dignity as they experience a function common to all women – menstruation. With Help Her, Pe- riod, the sisters provide sanitary napkins and other hygienic products to women in homeless shelters and now, young girls at school. Raised to be givers, Ashley said she was compelled to start the project when she saw a homeless woman with blood- stained pants panhandling. The initiative has grown larger than anything they imag- ined. And it’s not even one year old. Geralda Larkins’ calling has the pint-sized dynamo leading a cadre of women into their respective callings. Deeply religious and versed in scripture, Larkins brings theology into the boardroom in a way that helps women courageously move into their callings with grace and power. Our cover stars, Ernisha Randolph and Al- exandra Harris, are each carving out their unique path in their respective fields. Randolph is the creator of the Sweet But- ter Pop Up Experience that is taking South Florida by storm. She creatively merges delectable cuisine with entertainment – exposing her guests to a live experience typically available in other urban areas like D.C., New Orleans and Vegas. As CEO of Juanita’s Kitchen she routinely marvels her ever expanding fan base with delicious food and impeccable service. Harris is a budding photographer with a mellow approach to her craft and an eye for making her subjects shine. She is ad- ept at capturing candid shots that ooze authenticity, while guiding her clients into poses that reflect their inner light. The self-taught beauty continues to hone her skills, which includes shooting Jazz in the Gardens for several years. Each woman on our pages is a shining star for sisterhood because her foundation begins with honoring her S.O.S. – SISTER- HOOD OF SELF. It’s really the only ap- proach to honoring sisterhood; elevating it to its rightful place. As we march, with tre- mendous gratitude, toward our one year anniversary (August, 2017), we continue to celebrate sisterhood in all its multifaceted splendor. Be sure to subscribe so that as plans for our one year celebration unfold, we can keep you posted. We’ll be celebrating sis- terhood in grand style and we need you to be a part of the party. In the meantime, let’s seek out opportuni- ties to honor sisterhood in our daily lives. Smile at a sister in the grocery store, pray for a friend going/growing through a chal- lenging experience, stick a few bucks in an anonymous greeting card and send to a young woman in your life with a message validating her efforts. When our intention is to celebrate sisterhood, opportunities to do just that present themselves in sim- ple, sacred ways so that if it’s not already, it can become a way of life. 4 • Gratitude helps an active S.O.S. thrive. THE SISTER HOOD | A PR IL 2017 (things) that they fail to realize the im- portance of education (the means). HYACINTH HENDERSON There were thirteen of us at the table. The china was fine, the servers were at- tentive and the food was plenty. 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