The Sisterhood April 2017 - Page 14

Talking about money can enhance a relationship PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY OF THE SISTERHOOD FROM ONE OF OUR AWESOME DISTRIBUTORS: AFRICAN AMERICAN RESEARCH LIBRARY AND CULTURAL CENTER 2650 Sistrunk Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Branches/Pages/AA.aspx ​ CAFE CREME 750 NE 125th Street North Miami, FL 33161 CHEF CREOLE 200 NW 54th Street Miami, FL 33127 CULTURAL EXPRESSION 401 S 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020, s1love It makes couples happier. Talking about things like spending, saving and debt may sound business-like and un- romantic, but financial experts agree that money is a frequent topic of arguments in many relationships. In fact, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, almost a third of adults with partners reported that money is a major source of conflict in their relationship. “What I see when talking with couples is that learning how to resolve money dis- agreements - and there will be disagree- ments - helps build important relationship skills,” says Daniel Prebish, director of Life Event Services with Wells Fargo Advisors. “Those skills will be valuable both at the beginning of a relationship and likely for a couple’s entire time together.” It helps couples connect by understanding what’s going on. Couples should discuss pros and cons of 14 combining finances versus keeping financ- es separate. According to research by Wells Fargo & Company, about half of couples choose to combine accounts, while the other half prefers separate accounts. Re- gardless of where you and your significant other fall in this spectrum, both people in a relationship should understand how their financial habits impact - positively or neg- atively - the life they are building together. It helps couples afford the “extras” that make life fun. It helps couples track their short and long term financial goals. It helps avoid financial surprises. Be open with your significant other about your full financial picture. Questions that can help open the door to meaningful con- versations include: 1. Are we paying ourselves fi ŒH]HHY]H]Œˈ\HH^Z[[\[ۈ[YK]\B[YO ]HH]Y]Y\[\[HYY[H\YX\KHX\[[ۛ\B\[ۙ^H\[]\H[۝\HH^Z[ۈY Z[\\ \]BX\ˈHۛ\H\ܙY][Ž \HH][܈]\[Y[Z[[HY[[X[]\H[&]YX[ܜZ[[Z[YK[KB\]HH[[ۈ[\[[و^x&[[ܚ]^H[X[YHZ\^K]B^H[[\ZH\[ܛ\B[][]H[]8&\X\Y\Y\H]\H\\][X\[[\Y[] 8'\H\ B^x'H\H[YH\\K]8&\[YH\Y[H\ݙ\[[H[&]Yܙ^H\[۝8&\[܈]KB\[Y[\\\]^H[Hو]H[وHZ[ˈZ[\۝X][ۙ^H\Y\[\[\]B[[X[[ܛX][ۈ][\YۚYX[\[]Y[[X[\\\][Y[X\\H\H[][ۋB\ [H\\[[ۙ^HX^HY[BX[X]\Z[H\[[[ۘ[ ž[H]\Y’\H\H\΂KYZ]H۝\][ۈ[Y[]B\ ][Z]][][]^KXH]]X[HYܙYXXH[YK[\[BK[][[[x&\[\X^HHBHTTHS MœY][ˈKX\[[H۝\KB[ۈ[[[\H[H\HY[B[H\\Y ˈH[][\YۚYX[\\B[\[Y\[[[ۜX][[˜[][X][[[H[ZHXY]H]\ ܚ]] [Z][[X[YY][[X][ۙ^KܙY][]\[x&\BۈXXY]H[\[[X[[˂H[[H[\و[][X][ۋ[H[]ۈH[YH[[X[YHKBܙH[[[[X[ܘ\˂\\XH\ܚ][H[\Y B\ܜ[ۜ[Y\[[B[\Y\ܜ\HYHH\YB[\X\[\X\[[‘\Y\ܜ[[X[]ܚY[KB\T\\]HY\\Y\YX[ B\[ۋX[Y[X]\و[\‰\[K[\ۜ[Y\[ B[ܛ\ݚY\X[\X\Y[\[K[]\B[\Y[X]\[XYX\Y\ˈ[\[K\H[Y[X]Hو[\‰\[K[[\HH\وH M[\‰\[x&\8'[Y\X[^\[܋B'H\^Kݙ\ [Y\X[Y[˜Y\ N[\\H\^YY \^B\[\HX\Y[Z\[\]KPQPSLL [\ [XH[\ ˛XYX[ K‘ԒQHQSSԒPSSUTUBMN  ][YBZX[ZH\[ M][]YHRPSRHTSUHSN H ]KZX[ZH\[ M˛ZX[ZY\[Y ݂PӸ&TSML ][YBZX[ZK LBXX˘KҘX۔[ BML UTSSUT̍  [H\[ B[X\X ̌B˓]\[[]\˘BQHTPUUQS Q BSRSHPPBˈ[Z[Y[XH[\ ˓YZ\ЙX]]Y[Y B"SSQBNMZ\[X\\^BZ\[X\ BXX˘K[[YB H H[[X]X[[[[\][\YۚYX[\]\[x&\B][X\YY܈\[[X]] B[\[\[[X][ۙ^H[[\\[\[XX\[]Y[\H\\\ۈHY \H\B]HX\ۜH[[X][ۙ^H[[[HH[][ۜ\ TTPSӔS˂MN [\ M[XH[\ܚYH B˙\\X[ۜ[˘BUTTTT  LHY]ZX[ZK M˛˛ܙ”SPSUSӔ¸""M  ]KZ]H L ZX[ZK MB˜ٛܚYKBSTTQT&TPTUNL\Z[\ ]Y\[  L˙XX˘K[\Q\KB\SX\]SQSSTSTM  ]KZ]H L BZX[ZKܚYH MB˕[Y[[\˘BSUTSUSTLL ]KZX[ZH\[ M˝]][\ܙ•STTPPSSTST Z\[X\\^BZ\[X\ B[\\XXٛ BY\\H]H\\[[[HۛX][]YY[Hو[X^[ܙ\]H[YX]YY[\B]\Z[Y]HZ\]\[HH\H]\YHY[\HX][H\ݙ\[H^H\H\H8$[Y[B]X[[Z\[\]YH\H[YH[X^[]HH[]\H[H\XوZ\^\[K[Y[΂((((((((([\[[H\[[\”[܈X[K]][\[\[[H[]\XH[Z[[X[[[܈Z\X[HYBXX[[X\H]X[\[Y\XX[[X\Y\•X][ۚ[[][[Y\X[H[[\][ۘ[B][]X[]H]][ؚ[\‘^\[Z\[]YX[]H]Z\\[ۋ\[][B[[]܈XZ٘\ [ [\[ \XX[HH\\ BY[HYX[[Y[B\ܛ\ۛ]H[]\^H\H\ܝ[[]H[[[[H\Y]Hو]\X][H]\X]X[\ܛX[H܈Z\]ܚ]H[X]Y\[ۘ\ ^H\H[\]\\\]Y\][[\[ܘ[[\ۛH܈[\[\][܈HXX[[H[Z\]\˂۝X\]ZX[P\\]XY˘H^HX\X][\Y\\[[ۜ˂HTTHS MŒM