The Sisterhood April 2017 - Page 12

PAY IT FORWARD By MICHELLE HOLLINGER >>> Eubanks sisters pay it forward with Help Her, Period. “Let me do my Walgreens’ math,” Eubanks said. “It took me and my husband to pack up his truck and my car. We got 13,000 individual items.” Ashley Eubanks is the total package. Beautiful – inside and out – smart, witty, loyal and determined to live her purpose. She cleverly uses her experience as an aestheti- cian and former owner of a cosmetics line to connect with young girls at the school where she works as the registrar. Eubanks told herself, “I’m just doing this one time,” or so she thought. The response from the women at the shel- ters - coupled with her discovery that the school where she works had a similar issue convinced her to keep it going. “I trick them into talking about self-esteem and getting the hard questions out. Registrar in daytime and still do my beauty thing after school,” said Eubanks. “Those women were so happy to see us. They were hug- ging me. Other shelters started calling me. Then I started to notice that my school didn’t have any,” she added. She and her sister Erica have also created a movement to provide homeless women with the basic necessities to take care of themselves when they are menstruating. Help Her, Period. is approaching its one year anniversa- ry and during the past several months, Eubanks has fully embraced a calling that one could say she was “tricked” into answering. A visit to the school’s nurse confirmed it. “We haven’t had any in almost a year,” she said the nurse told her. After in- sisting that the principal order pads and being info &VBF@BvVBFRvVVf"FVF'&fRWV&2W&66V@G2W'6VbB7F'FVBFrVW"&w2F66FWFW&֖VBFFV6&VWGF2B66&RFRЦW72vV6R&V6VBWBF6VFW'2F66VGVPv&62FR&W76W2vR6&F&66ǒЦf&VBW"bw&VFW"VVB6R6BFR62( ƶv2FR2WV&266PvFBvRBGƖW"( &FRvVR@6Vb6&RB&WfVB'Vǖrvfr'V2FRf֖ǒ6R2FRFVvFW"b6WRЦ&2wFR'&v&BVGV6F"BfVFW"bf'7@FVR&w&7&VFVBFFV6֖&G6G&VvfpBWFVWGFR( FR'WBvRVVBFF2( WV&26B6Pv2FB'7FfbB6WfW&6VFW'2BvBFR6VFW'0VVFVBv6( B&R6FW2"FF''W6W2'WB6ЧF'2BvVRFV2UUUD24Ю( W"FFGW2W&VƖWfRvR6FFr( 6P6&VB( Ēv2vWGFrfn( gFRGW&RBFW&Rv2VpGW"V&ǒ32vF6v6RGW&VB&VB@vV6RFBFW&Rv2&BW"G2( WV&06&VBVW"W&B27W'FVB'FF2g&Gv6"Ч&FR76'2vw&VV2BF&vWC2vV2W'6ЦFF2WV&>( VfW'6fWrb67FW&BgVV0W"v&Br6RFW&7G2vFvVWV&26rB26f&F66RFV6FVBFFFPG2F6VFW"vW&RRbW"g&VG2v&VB6PV6ǒV&VBFBFW"6VFW'2BFR6RFW7W"ЦFRVVB( 67FW&B2BW7B&B'WN( g6WFrFBPfRFFBFW6( BGFW"bN( 276vvFRv&6v^( &R67FW'2( ФW"&6F67FW&BvW2WfVFVWW"( Ē6( BvR&VrvB6( BW&66RB( WRЦ&26B( ĖbvRfR&B( FvBRF( BvBRFF`ג67FW.( 2ƖvG2&RWBWfVb6RFW6( BvBRF( vrFvB( vrF&RFW&Rf"RvVFFBRV6R2FW&RB( vrF&RFW&Pf"RvVRF( BvBRFW&R( ФgFW"2F6VV'&FRGW&rF'G6fVF&VvWV&2FV6FVBFGW&W"֖W7FR&'FЦFF6WFr&vvW"6RBW"67FW"vƗfW0vW7fR7FVBFV"FVF2F6V7B6F'266VF'WBvBfW'ƗGFR&W76RWV&2FW6( BWBFw2ƖRfV"7FW"( ג67FW"6BWN( 2vWBfǖW"BvFFRfǖW"GvF2FW"VRvW&R6ƖrR6֖rFג66G&rBfbBג6W&6RbגvW"VF'06&VRF֖VWg&vw&VV26VBB6@v^( 76"R( 6RWVB 6F7BRFVWBfW'fb&F&R6vRFvWFW"FB&W7B7VG2RBW"VVG26RvWG2VFFƶr&WBW"fFW"7FFWFW&֖VBFB6Rv27W6VBF&RFV6pvVrFFFV"WV'&w2WV&26BvBЧVVBWB6f6VBW"FW'v6RF֖VWf&VBW"FBFR6vVBvfPW"C3v'Fb&GV7G2BFV"67BVvvVVG2FW&G6G2f֖ǒ6W7627V6WfVG2w&GVF6G0( ĒBFw22f"2fV"W'fW6W7>( bRfRFW6F&Vv( 6R6BvV^( &R( ƗfrW'6RFB2f"RR6( BvWB7BBW7BFBFRv'7@R6FVR2( ( ( ƗfrW'6RBƖfR06'BƗFW&ǒfRW'6RfRFVWW6r( Ф6WWV&22rBf'v&B2fVFW"bVW"W&C&v旦FFB&fFW26F'2FVW72vVDR45DU"B"#pf"&Rf&FVW"W&BBFFFRf6B&VWGFFfV2&rf"&Rf&Ff6BVfW'FF76V7&WG26"6cbC3bc3#pDR45DU"B"#p