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Get your FREE subscription to SISTERHOOD The Sisterhood is available in a FREE print edition at several locations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward. You can have the FREE online version delivered via email each month by becoming a subscriber. WHAT WOMEN ARE SAYING ABOUT “PHENOMENAL” “Love it!! Great magazine and articles!” T he S.O.S Council An unfolding novel By MICHELLE HOLLINGER Flash Back It wasn’t until the cell door closed behind him that Nod realized things were far more serious than he was willing to admit. With the exception of space on a bench occupied by Wilson, a lanky, emaciated man with thick matted dreads, the seated areas were full. The only available space in the crowded cell was on the floor. Nod opted to stand, leaning against the cell bars. “What you in for,” asked a burly white man with piercing blue eyes and a large tattoo of a black woman on his large bicep. “Cause one of my nosey ass neighbors don’t know how to mind her own business,” Nod replied in an unexpectedly loud tone. A couple of the cell’s inhabitants in distant thought looked up at him as he spoke. “I can’t hold it no more,” shouted Tina, a petite, quite feminine look- ing man with bleached blonde hair before yanking down his pants, straddling the ancient, discolored toilet in the corner and violently releasing his bowels. “Damn, bitch, your funky ass got the whole place smelling like shit now,” barked Wilson, who is apparently a leader of some sort in the cell. His demeanor is laid back, but authoritative. A chunky black man with severe acne is nearest Tina, who is so busy trying to clean him- self that he doesn’t see the sign from Wilson that sends Fat Boy into a raging tirade. The dozen or so men nearest Tina all back away as Fat Boy goes in with punches, slaps and kicks, knocking Tina from the toilet, pants still around his knees. “But I tried to hold it…” Tina screamed before a kick landed in his face, propelling him backwards as blood spewed forcefully. Still standing near the bars, Nod’s instinct to call for the guards was quickly shut down by a man seated nearby, who mouthed “Stay out of it.” It was nearly impossible for the guards, whose office was a mere ten feet away, to not have heard the commotion and pitiful screams. As the crowd around the attack dispersed, Nod could see Tina’s lifeless body curled into the fetal position; causing him to blink his eyes and rub them furiously because for a split second, he could have sworn he saw Shelby lying there. “OMG! Th is is awesome!” “So inspir ing!” Fantastic!!!!” “Amazing achievement.” “AWESOME!” “THIS IS SUPER COOL! LOVE IT!” “I AM TOTALLY ECSTATIC!” “Beautiful magazine!” “Sensational! Your passion explodes from every page!” “Enjoyable and uplifting from cover to cover!” The Sisterhood is a South Florida publication like no other. Each month, it delivers information, wisdom, insight and guidance with a singular purpose of motivating you to live your absolute best life. On its pages, you will not only read about tips and strategies for moving beyond fear, overcoming obstacles, becoming fi nancially independent and living the life you were born to live – you will read about women who are who are doing all of that and more. We will regularly spotlight powerful characteristics in real life women because repetition is an extremely effective approach to empowerment. The more you read about women overcoming fear, the easier it becomes for you to do the same thing. The more you hear women talk about money, building wealth and how they took control of their fi nancial life, the easier it is for you to embrace prosperity as your birthright. The more you see women checking dreams off their bucket list, the sooner you will check important dreams and goals from yours. SUBSCRIBE NOW! EDITOR’S NOTE: The S.O.S. Council is an unfolding novel being written by Michelle Hollinger. Each month, a new chapter will be included in The Sisterhood. To read preceding chapters, visit 10 THE SISTER HOOD | A PR IL 2017 THE SISTER HOOD | A PR IL 2017 11