THE SEO AUDIT 1 - Page 6

Many websites we audit fail to make proper use of page titles and descriptions. The page title and meta description used in the top HTML header of every page is very important to Google as well as to the other major search engines. Google in particular makes frequent use of the page title and meta description of each webpage in their search listings. It is important to observe the formatting of page titles for Google, and display no more than 70 characters in the title and 160 characters in the description. Remember that the search engines -Google in particular - do not like duplicate page titles and descriptions. A website should funnel as many site visitors to their key pages as possible. Web designers or web owners often design the site-wide navigation so that many links point to non-essential pages. This will weaken the Page Rank (PR). Optimize your key landing pages. Typical issues are:  A clear headline or sub-headline is necessary – often use a question for the headline – that’s very effective  No clear indicator of what the web page is about  Excess links and distractions on the web page  No clear flow of content  The Unique Selling Proposition must be clearly stated at the top