THE SEO AUDIT 1 - Page 5

Always write to your readers – introduce them to you as a person. On average, images make up 40 - 50 percent of the average web page, so it is important to minimize their impact on loading time, as mentioned. Choosing the appropriate webbased format for your images is a major step. GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs are the formats used to display images on Web pages. In general, palette-based formats like GIF or PNG are best for flat-color art like buttons and logos. For smooth-toned images like photographs JPEGs are the best choice. Google doesn’t like drop-down menus. Hidden buttons are often not indexed. Users often lose their way. It’s avoidable and a good idea to not use this form of design. Important pages include: About Us, Contact Us, FAQ and a Privacy Statement. Sponsored links are not recommended – 95% of the people on the Internet do not read them. The key is to get a high organic ranking. I do not recommend PPC advertisements or sponsored links. I don’t own a phone book, either – I consider it unnecessary and so do the majority of Americans. Dollar for dollar a website that ranks well far outweighs these other types of advertising.