THE SEO AUDIT 1 - Page 4

On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, images should be used that convey the right impression to the visitor. Using graphics and abstract imagery is fine but really the message needs to be on-point. Often the file sizes of the imagery on the website are much larger than they need to be or should be. Google prefers a two-second load time and often the imagery slows this down tremendously. We recommend you buy your registration for your domain name for ten years in advance – Google goes to in order to do a search to verify how long you registered your website for. Google assumes a long-term registration means you are a professional company. and are excellent sites for registering your website. In terms of an IP address, there are two types – shared and unique. If you share an IP Address with others on a server, their actions can reduce your ranking. We recommend you use a Unique IP Address. This typically runs another five dollars a month. In terms of appearance, a couple of rules – do not underline extensively, and do not use all caps. Never use long blocks of text. Break them up with white space for the readers. Of course never use text from another website – you can generate ideas, but all copy should be totally original.