The SEED: May/June 2021 presents: The Seed Magazine Vol 2 No 1 | Page 3

Saludos my friends!

Welcome to this, our third year of publishing of The SEED Magazine! I hope you enjoy it!

So here we are, its been about 2 years since I published the first edition of The Seed Magazine, and in all that time, we were just so busy with everything – to celebrate our 3rd year anniversry, we lived thru and survived Covid-19, and during that time, our SEEDLIVE was born, followed closely by inTruthNews - and most recently, the Watchmen's Voice! Along with all those new shows that God had given us, we also hosted our two festivals - the 9th Annual FORD Cuban Sandwich Festival as well as the FORD Taste of Latino Festival.

Its amazing how despite the fact that 2020 started out being the scariest year we have ever lived thru - but somehow, God managed to bring so much good from that bad; which was and continues to be one of the biggest attacks from the enemy on the nation, and on the world.…. that SHOCK we all probably felt at just how much the world had changed so suddenly eventually wore out, and in its place, was born the budding seeds of revival -a revival that is leading us to the BIGGEST Harvest in Human History.

In the beginning - i was probably alot like you - To say that I was at a loss for words.. that would be just an understatement, Looking back now i realize that God used 2020 - to reveal so much, and to awaken so many....

Brothers and sisters....

We are living in a time, that our children, our grand children and our great grand children will read about in history books…as a writer, as a minister....and as a child of God, i realized that this was the time for which we were born..... for such a time as this....

GOD is not a man that he should lie....

When HE promises to get you thru a difficult time, make no mistake..... he will equip you..... with experience, which include mistakes so big that you may hesitate to even ask for forgiveness.... but God in his LOVE and in HIS MERCY, loves us so much that if you let him, HE will you, in a mighty way!

Has God called you....?

I want to tell you that MANY ARE CALLED..... and Few are CHOSEN..... but, the great thing is that if you want to be a CHOSEN, you can be....simply by dying unto yourself, unto your flesh, and unto this world....

and what awaits a CHOSEN ONE?

God's supernatural presence inside you.... filling your heart with peace and serenity that will take you through any storm.

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Until next time…

May God Bless and Protect you and yours!