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What was the most difficult part of creating Samaya ?
Samaya was almost wholly written during the lockdown of 2020 . As , the world went into quarantine mode and struggled to control the virus , most countries were looking at a humanitarian crisis . It was especially difficult for those who lost their loved ones to the virus . So the atmosphere and the state of one ’ s mind wasn ’ t in the best of spaces with the world going through what it did . So writing about it was not very easy with us waking up to some kind of upsetting news every morning . But then , art for me is also a reflection of the times we are in when we were looking to cope and struggle with the tragedy of this pandemic .
How have the last two years changed you ? And how much of it is in the EP ?
This pandemic has reinforced the idea of impermanence for me . We are and were all aware of it but these philosophies were hugely heightened during this particular period of time where so many of us lost someone or the other to this dreaded virus . It has personally taught me to value family , friends and their friendship , and not to take anything at face value which may have led me to consciously or unconsciously incorporate them in this EP . Like ‘ Samsara ’ for example is my way of accepting this impermanence and contemplates the cycle of life , death and rebirth , in which each one of us is served our quota of suffering ( dukkha ), desire ( ichha ) and karma ( deed ).
What is getting you through this unprecedented time ?
The last year and a half has been extremely difficult but the positive side to this has been that since there were no tours , I got to spend quality time with my wife and our two year old daughter who keeps us both on our toes all day long .
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