The Scoop November 2016 - Page 7

On November 10, 2016, more than 1,000 San Francisco High School Students hit the streets with eyes full of hope and change. “Not My President”, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Donald Trump has got to go!”, and “Donald Trump cannot stay! Racist sexist, anti-gay!” are just some of the chants that they passionately screamed to the top of their lungs, fighting like teens of East L.A. walkouts in 1968.

The protesting continues day after day. We owe it to our country to fight for everyone’s constitutional rights. That means, that regardless what president we have, we should still take the initiative to stay active and educated. As a country founded upon the principle of freedom, we must remember that no president has more power than the public is willing to give them.

Janay' Lee



The Morning After