The Scoop November 2016 - Page 5

Type 2 diabetes is the more common type today and it is not caused by chance. Instead of the body attacking its own pancreas, the excessive amounts of sugar have resulted in a resistance to insulin breaking down sugars and caused the body to not break down glucose anymore. This type of disease is developed due to a constant unhealthy diet with little to no exercise and the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes increases with age. The increased number in Type 2 Diabetes patients is a response to the aging baby-boomer population and the reliance on processed foods. The effects are the same as Type 1 Diabetes and is just as terrifying. Luckily, experiments by scientists have lead to the discovery and creation of synthetic insulin. This insulin is created from E. Coli bacteria in labs in large quantities so people with diabetes can get insulin cheaper and more easily available. Before this discovery, others would have to donate insulin to others, making insulin very expensive and only the wealthy could afford it on a regular basis. Now with this 1980s discovery, anyone can get insulin for their diabetes-related illness. Even with this discovery, people shouldn’t take this as a solution for diabetes, because it merely slows down the amount of diabetes-related deaths.

With the increased amounts of fast food and obesity, diabetes patients has skyrocketed. Type 1 is when the immune system attacks itself and type 2 is when the body develops a resistance to insulin. The symptoms are highly dangerous with increased chances of heart-related illnesses and eyesight loss. Diabetes is a major problem and we should all be concerned and stay informed on this serious topic.

Dexter Hom